All of your business data, at just a click away

The CPM Dashboards summarize the performance of your business, providing amazing ways of viewing data

The CPM system offers unique possibilities of transforming the company’s data into appropriate information for any decision maker, by combining a wide variety of measurement tools, data views, maps, graphs, widgets, tables, and other kinds of powerful analysis capabilities such as segmentation, forecasting, time functions

With the CPM solution, you can combine data from any source to display and effectively monitor the status of key company indicators without having to write any lines of code. You can find out, for example, how profitable your business is with just a few clicks. Find out how from this video

Any item displayed in the dashboards is interactive, synchronized with all the other components on the screen and automatically connected to the database it comes from

Given its multidimensional data model, the information from any database is used in analyzes as if it belonged to the CPM system

The CPM solution features analytics and planning capabilities, all integrated in a single platform enabling you to track the performance based on the established objectives. Unified measures, values, and hierarchies for planned, predicted and effective dates do not only make it easy to build dashboards but also allow users to immediately expand the variance comparisons to any level of detail and along any dimension of analysis

Know at any time the status of your business

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The CPM solution provides all the functionalities needed to effectively translate the company’s strategy into meaningful scoreboards and strategic maps in order to communicate key goals within the organization and to check the operational activities

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The evolution of all the key indicators can easily be tracked, and the goals set can be compared with the performance at different levels of detail while also taking into account the impact of changing targets over time

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By integrating BI and CPM together, the strategy formulation and implementation processes are linked to those of planning. Initiatives can be translated into strategic plans, and strategic plans can be easily integrated into financial and operational planning processes

Transform the organization’s objectives into individual objectives

The system’s technology allows for an unlimited number of cascading scorecards. Thus, the company’s goals can easily be translated into clear and common departmental goals, which will enable everyone to work to meet the same goals.

By integrating the Performance Management with the Business Intelligence capabilities, the users can immediately analyze any trend outlined by a scorecard and explore the events and dynamics that affect different KPIs to the lowest level of detail.

The CPM system enables easy definition of floor-based color alerts, providing clarity on the strategic maps and scorecards. Any alert can trigger the automatic transmission of a notification or report, providing each user with an immediate and personalized feedback about potential issues, exceptions, and deviations.

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