The CPM suite allows energy and utilities suppliers to streamline the decision making process, starting with supply and demand management, to the strategic and commercial planning.

Whether we talk about electricity, natural gas, water or renewable energy, the energy and utilities industry is under constant pressure to minimize costs, maximize profits, increase and maintain customer satisfaction and, last but not least, to deal with high volume of data from smart meters. By unifying the analysis, planning and simulation processes, the CPM suite efficiently controls costs, anticipates demand and provides a platform for the sustainable and profitable supply of water, natural gas or electricity.

With the CPM’s advanced analysis and modelling capabilities, vendors can integrate and manage different data sets, including produced, used, transferred or lost energy, providing better control over production units as well as increased visibility on smart meters and customer demand.

The CPM suite helps energy and utility providers expand their client base and increase the quality of their services, while maintaining profitability and sustainability, through:

Controlling production units and project management

Integrate data from production (produced/used/transferred energy)

Analysis and control of energy produced in production units

Asset management and maintenance, including asset availability and infrastructure cost analysis

Project planning, analysis and reporting for efficient and simplified distribution

Environment, health and safety reports

Energy management

Detailed analysis of data from smart meters through advanced analysis capabilities

Energy network / supply optimization (efficiency, planning, loading)

Monitoring loss, theft, fraud

Monitoring and reporting of energy outages

Sales & Marketing

Customer acquisition and retention analysis

Monitoring customer experience and satisfaction

Forecasting energy prices

Cross-sale analysis

Cost monitoring

Easily manage the company’s budgets and reports, with a single suite – Corporate Performance Management System!

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