In the FMCG industry, agility and reaction speed are essential to maintaining the level of competitiveness. FMCG companies are constantly struggling with market preferences in constant change, pressure from competitors and retailer requirements. Thus, they need to track operational costs at all times and make prompt strategic decisions in order to stay in the game.

Usually, operations in FMCG companies are managed through a variety of tools and apps, implemented over many years, often communicating through data exports or not at all. Also, planning and analysis are done based on numerous files that require manual data entry, do not always have the required details needed to understand the context and risk becoming obsolete before they are even finished.

The CPM suite answers these challenges in FMCG, bringing information across the entire organization into a single intuitive analysis, simulation, planning and predictive analysis medium. The suite allows companies to create customized BI, CPM and Advanced Analysis apps with just drag and drop, in order to generate efficiency, save time and money, and make better business decisions.

Due to its flexibility and capabilities, the CPM suite was chosen by FMCG companies to:

Optimize sales and distribution strategies

Plan sales and markups

Monitor profitability on sales channel / product / customer level

Automate planning and budget forecast processes that are done manually / in Excel

Create dashboards for KPI tracking

Eliminate the break between operations and planning

Integrate economic and financial analysis and forecast in a single environment

The CPM suite helped us save about 50% of our daily time used in organizing and processing data, while the reports offered by the system helped us avoid losing tens of thousands of euro. At the same time, it helps us in our business growth process, through the visibility that we gain over operations that are going either well or not so well at the Halewood Group.

Ionut Podariu, CFO for Halewood Wines Romania, one of the biggest wine importers in the country

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