The CPM suite combines planning, simulation and analysis to gain the perfect balance between demand and supply, to efficiently manage profitability and to align financial objectives with plant operations.

Manufacturing companies have to monitor costs, efficiency and production to make sure operations reach their full potential. Advanced analysis is used more and more in manufacturing, in order to streamline decision making processes, offering detailed information regarding operations and allowing to forecast a decision’s impact before it is made.

The suite helps manufacturers gather operational data from various regions, business lines, cost centers and plants, and to correlate it with financial and business goals. Thus, it gives an overall image of the company’s performance from high strategical levels’ KPI to stock units. The planning, simulation, forecast and analysis processes can be easily implemented and run on this unitary data medium in order to gain a better understanding of the impact operational decisions have on capital, cash, income and profitability, on any level.

With CPM, you will be able to:

Gain complete vision over stock performance, the supply chain, quality control and the way demand is covered

Manage costs and profitability up to recipe levels

Optimize and forecast stocks

Create P&L projections on product, product line and product range levels

Decrease complexity and increase flexibility

Implement plant level KPIs, according to the company’s goals

Monitor operations

Efficiently synchronize production plans and the supply chain with sales and the forecast demand

Easily synchronize financial planning with sales and operational planning.

Increase user efficiency through self-service analyses

The CPM suite from Senior Software, with integrated BI functionalities, is the perfect combination to enable desired behaviors within the company. Maybe this system is not the best BI or CPM tool on the market, but it definitely is the best CPM with integrated BI system, perfectly covering our needs in both areas.

Javier de Jerónimo, Corporate Controller for Eldon, manufacturer of cabinets, industrial cabinets and high quality standard accessories

Being extremely easy to use, the CPM suite from Senior Software allowed streamlining budgeting process and reducing allocated time. This was possible thanks to the platform on which the system is developed, which allows:
• Simple introduction of preliminary, estimative data
• Analysis and estimation of income and profit margins in a short amount of time
• The ability to visualize data from different perspectives and make adjustments and different iterations in a simple manner

phoenix-contact-lp-buy-backSilviu Toma, CEO for Phoenix Contact Romania, the local subsidiary of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co from Blomberg, Germany

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Easily manage the company’s budgets and reports, with a single suite – Corporate Performance Management System!

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