Unique data analysis capabilities

The CPM system offers a number of advanced graphs including: heat map, treemap, waterfall, bubble chart and radar. Learn more about how CPM reports favor the company’s decision-making processes in the video.

The fully responsive design of the application allows you to create reports without any kind of coding and to transmit them immediately to any type of device.

An interactive search feature is available across all screens, data, metadata, and applications. Any search result can be used immediately for detailed analysis or as an element for creating new reports.

Alerts and information transmission mechanisms allow automatic notification of the right decision maker whenever an important event takes place.

In depth data analysis

A unique set of features allows users to quickly move from the overall view to highly detailed analysis, thus identifying the factors that generated changes, discovering hidden patterns and understanding the outlook trends:
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Down search

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Search anywhere

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Analytical business functions

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Time functions

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Sorting functions

A single version of truth

The CPM system combines the intuitive drag and drop interface, a comprehensive set of charts and MS Office integration with advanced data alerting and spreading features, making it easy to create and distribute any report within the organization. Moreover, all applications, reports, and analytics are updated in real-time, with the system offering a single version of truth.

Once distributed, the self-service environment provides users with the freedom they need to customize reports and get immediate answers to their questions from a verified and consistent source of information.

Managers can plan and automate the delivery of static or interactive reports to hundreds of users in any format, ensuring that employees and partners get the right information at the right time.

Through security roles, some reports can be distributed across the organization or partner networks, but users will only see the data they are authorized to view. At the same time, multi-lingual capabilities allow them to view information directly in their own language.

Within the modern self-service reporting environment, any element of analysis can be customized with the drag-and-drop function. The advanced point-and-click interface allows users to use any type of object (charts, widgets, etc.) and effortlessly manage filtering, sorting and alert functions, enabling a natural and intuitive interaction the data.

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