Choose the integrated systems for the management of retail activities - guarantee positive experiences for clients, regardless of the sales channel!

Because they operate in an extremely competitive market, retail companies are constantly required to monitor their activity, to increase efficiency and to make the right decisions when planning their goods catalogue and when predicting inventory.

The integrated software systems guarantee retail companies the control and the complete effictivation of their business, helping them increase operations efficiency and offering their clients the same positive experience, regardless of the chosen sales channel: own shops, telesales, online store etc.

SeniorERP - Wep App

Discover the systems dedicated for the management of retail activities:

  • Accounting tasks automation
  • Easier workflows
  • Automatic document generation
  • Integrated information, accessible in real time
  • SeniorERP Mobile — web application for customer relationship management
  • Inventory planning time reduced up to 80%
  • Supply processes automation
  • Multi-location planning
  • Operations automation
  • Picking optimization
  • Complete traceability, from reception to delivery
  • Workflow reorganization
  • Remote monitoring and control of the sales reps
  • Automatic transmission of on-site information
  • Reduced order process time
  • Automatic route planning
  • Automatic sending of transport routes
  • Reduced planning and delivery times
  • Budget and financial planning
  • Real-time access to financial information and reports
  • User collaboration – presentation and chat features included
  • Unlimited versions and scenarios for planning, forecasting and simulation
  • Business indicators and analysis available anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time charts and interactive reports
  • Remotely identifying problems and solutions
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What are the benefits that you gain with the integrated solutions for the management of retail activities?

Make complex analyses and reports based on real-time, accurate data
Reduce redundant activities
Lower order processing time
Gain visibility over all client transactions and interactions
You have control over the company’s operations and resources
Increase inventory accuracy
Improve customer relationships
Eliminate order processing errors

What our clients have to say:

Find out how you can optimize your entire RETAIL activity with Senior Software’s solutions!