VIDEO Case study

The Top Market distributor increased the number of deliveries by 20%, after using the TMS software

Top Market, one of the most important beverage distributors in Romania, uses the TMS – Transport Management System – software from Senior Software. The solution for delivery planning and optimization brought the company a significant activity improvement, starting with reduced costs and working times and continuing with an increased orders-to-deliveries conversion rate.

With 3 logistic warehouses and a fleet of 43 freight vehicles, Top Market serves the counties of Satu Mare and Maramures, loading daily about 200 tones and delivering up to 1,200 orders / day.

The results gained by Top Market following transport planning solution implementation include:

Over 99% accuracy in order-to-delivery conversion, compared to 80% prior to implementation

Over 20% increase of the order-to-delivery conversion rate

Automatic order planning, customized according to various criteria / restrictions

Optimizing transport routes, improving customer relations and internal communication

Optimized deliveries, transparency and real-time information

Reduction of total costs and reduced planning and delivery times

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