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More than 200 companies have already chosen the Business Intelligence system for its easy to use interface, with Drag&Drop features. On top of this:

With just one click you can access millions of recordings regarding articles, partners, cash-flow, profits, discounts, stocks and much more. Regardless of the data volume, they can be analyzed through an unlimited number of views.

The database access is made in a secure way, based on the conditions established by the system administrator, and every report or dashboard created in SeniorVisualBI can be published on the server and quickly shared directly or via email.

Choose the Business Intelligence solution provided by the world leader in analysis and reporting

SeniorVisualBI is developed on the Tableau Software platform, the leading worldwide provider of IT solutions for data analysis and visualization, currently used by more than 61000 companies from over 50 countries.

For the 5th year in a row, Tableau Software is the leader according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and analytics platforms report – world leader in technology consulting, once again stealing the spotlight through implementation abilities.

Video: Drag&Drop Interactive analytics and charts

SeniorVisualBI is a highly intuitive analytics and reporting system, which provides precise and relevant information to the right people, at the right time. With the help of the BI system, anyone can create the report he needs without any help from the tech support to process the data and present them in a standard format.

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Find out more about the benefits of SeniorVisualBI from our clients!

The Business Intelligence solution is very complex, but the way it is organized makes it simple to use. Once certain reports are set, it is very easy to view the information you need.

Ovidiu Bodea, CEO ApiLand

The Business Intelligence solution helps us to know exactly where we have to act when something isn’t working properly and quickly find out what are the causes.

Ovidiu Roman, Executive Director M&M Product

SeniorVisualBI allows me to build my own reports and I no longer need an IT developer to do it for me.

Roxana Jeglinschi, IT and Development Director Caranda Batteries

The BI system allows us to improve the efficiency of the decision-making process and also to track all the indicators that influence costs and sales

Vasile Boitos, General Manager German Electronics

A BI software helps you not only identify problems, but also improve vital indicators and planning.

Alina Yolcu, General Manager Tuplex Romania

SeniorVisualBI offers a large array of options for the revenue and profitability analytics as well as for cost and financial analytics.

Silviu Toma, General Director Pheonix Contact Romania

Find out how you can quickly get an overview of your business with the most advanced Business Intelligence system!

Discover the benefits of interactive charts and reports!

SeniorVisulBI provides you with all the things you need so you can take the best decisions!

They are one of the most powerful methods for viewing data. A dashboard is made up of many types of reports and charts, all of them displayed on the same screen. The main benefit is the fact that instead of analyzing data from different locations, you can create a dashboard that has all the information you want to track. You can combine geographical reports with forecasts or another type of analytics, all of them in one dashboard, and quickly receive multiple answers. In addition to all of this, demographic data can be included, so you can find out what’s the relation between the sales evolution, client’s characteristics, and the territorial distribution.

On top of this, when a filter or a certain component of the chart is selected, the others are automatically updated according to the selected element.

Business Intelligence - Product groups analytics
Business Intelligence - Discount analysis
Business Intelligence - Sales analytics 1
Business Intelligence - Sales analytics 2

Helps you map out the data. This means it allows you to display the desired information on top a map and quickly answer questions regarding space. The map location of the data provides you a with a new overview and you can find out where are your top clients, what are the best selling areas for some products and much more. The geographical analytics can be used for both quantitative values for individual locations, displayed through dimension and the color of the map dots, as well as proportions or aggregated data for specific, predefined geographical areas such as cities, counties, regions or even countries.

Business Intelligence - Values displayed on the map
Business Intelligence - Aggregated data displayed on the map 1
Business Intelligence - Aggregated data displayed on the map 2
Business Intelligence - Aggregated data displayed on the map 3

SeniorVisualBI comes with a forecasting feature that enables the estimation of future values for certain indicators, based on the known data. In addition, the statistical models included in the system are set to also take into consideration different aspects such as seasonality or evolutions specific to your business.

This way, as you can see the adjacent graphic, on top of being able to quickly observe the sales evolution in the last 4 years, using the Forecast function, you can also see how they’ll evolve next year.

Business Intelligence - Sales forecast

They analyze the impact your decisions have on your business. Starting from last year’s information, you can quickly find out what would happen if you would modify certain indicators. In the adjacent example, we initially set a 5 percent growth of the markup which resulted in a 3,78% profit growth, and later on, we decreased the costs by 5% which generated a 16,23% profit growth. An analysis like this will show the manager that by decreasing costs, even if it requires an extra effort, is more beneficial to the company’s profitability than an increase in the commercial surplus.

Business Intelligence - Markup growth results
Business Intelligence - The results of decreasing the costs

Choosing the right type of chart is essential for understanding the displayed information. SeniorVisualBI provides the users with a wide range of interactive charts, from the usual ones, used for data comparisons and spotlighting the minimum and maximum values, to the more complex ones which showcase the relationship between the selected part and the whole or enables the tracking of the degree of achievement of previously established objectives.

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Some updates of the latest version of SeniorVisualBI are:

Automated alerts

The users are notified via email in case an indicator exceeds a set value.

Real-time Chat

Comments can be added to the tracked reports in real time by more than one person.

Web functions

Multiple activities can be done directly in the browser: you can edit texts, axis, filters, lines, groups and much more.

Find out how you can quickly get an overview of your business with the most advanced Business Intelligence system!

Discover the benefits of interactive charts and reports