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“In our 5 years of collaborating with Senior Software, we can note an increase in the overall performance of both SeniorERP and the support team. SeniorERP has constantly evolved technology-wise, which is why we decided to upgrade 2 times in these 5 years. We are confident that both the team that manages development and the one that manages support have been keeping themselves up to date with the latest technology and have confirmed their status as a trustworthy provider in a very competitive and sensitive market.
Furthermore, the support team is permanently helping us with the required adjustments, based on operational changes. The constant evolution of our needs was fully sustained by the flexibility and efficiency of Senior Software.”

Silviu Toma, CEO for Phoenix Contact Romania


We transform our experience into flexible solutions that can be adapted to the newest or complex requirements, specific to companies with distribution, production, retail and services activities.


We pay attention to each company’s particularities and to the economic climate in which they operate, so that our suites will help achieve our client’s growth goals.


The latest generation of technology is a guarantee we provide to our clients that their IT infrastructure will support the growth of their business, not limit it.

Customized services for each stage of the collaboration:

Analysis of company processes

The purpose of business process analysis is it to reduce, as much as possible, the risks involved in implementation and to help in setting realistic goals. All decisions made in the analysis stage aim at defining the client’s optimal parameters and customizing the system according to his needs.

Some of the activities in this stage are: identifying initial customizations, process proposals, setting initial configurations and so on.

Project management

A successful software implementation is based primarily on good project management, meaning: in-depth analysis of user needs, available resources for the project as well as complications or risks that may affect it. All of these are the base elements of a project’s good development.

During the first stage, the Project Plan is made and, based on it, all tasks are assigned to the right employees. Throughout the course of the project, the manager periodically checks his/her status and proactively forwards and solves problems that appear, so that the project is completed.

Implementing the system

In the first stage the project planning is carried out, followed by its analysis, at the end of which the “Analysis Report” is created. Once this report is approved by the client, the server installation, user training, app configuration and data import stages are performed. In the Go Live phase, the implementation consultant will remain available to the client between 2 and 5 days, depending on the project’s complexity. After the Go Live, we move on to configuration and training for the app’s accounting module, the implementation being finalized when the first accounting month is completed in the system. After implementation, the results are evaluated takes place, in order to identify customer satisfaction.

Post-implementation services

The post-implementation support service has the role of ensuring client satisfaction and good functioning of the IT system after implementation. Support is provided for technical questions or in case of malfunctions, and is available between 9:00 and 18:00.

Some examples of the issues for which Senior Software provides support: system optimization, post-implementation questions, bug reporting or help with reports. Senior Software provides support through a ticketing system, based on a Service Level Agreement (companies with active maintenance and technical support contracts receive guaranteed response times, as noted in the contract).

Infrastructure services

In order to ensure the optimal performance of the ERP system, companies owning their own IT infrastructure have the obligation to assure the maintenance for the technology used in the app’s back-end: SQL Server, IIS, Server 2012, etc.

If these companies don’t have an IT department or are small, orientated to helpdesk and workstation maintenance, Senior Software provides with a SeniorERP server maintenance service designed to guarantee the smooth running of the app and to significantly reduce the risk of activity interruptions.

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