Manage your employee’s entire evolution, from recruitment to retirement

Choose the complete Human Resource Management suite!

It is aligned to global standards and practices in human resources management
It integrates state of the art technology in the field of HR tools
It includes good practices tested in companies such as Dacia, Kaufland, Dedeman, Enel, Engie
Can withhold large volumes of data: 500+ users, 40 geographical locations, 1 mil. CVs simultaneously

What are the benefits of implementing the HR suite?

It helps you save considerable amounts of time and money

Because you have all your information in the same place

You gain increased reaction times

To any changes related to your employees

It helps improve internal communication

Between employees, and between employees and managers

It increases the transparency of HR processes

Data being easy to access

What are the components of the solution?

See how the SeniorHR suite fits your business models!