SeniorSFA - The Complete Solution for Your Presales, Van sales, Merchandising and Marketing activities

SeniorSFA helps manufacturers and retailers achieve maximum results in the field.

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Wondering what can you do with SeniorSFA?

With SeniorSFA you can automate your entire workflow,
from the point of sale visit preparation to the analysis and optimization stage.

Plan the day-to-day activities of field teams

You will be able to plan the current day, providing field agents with key information regarding the store, orders, digital lists of activities, goals and targets to reach and many more.

Increase product availability and promotional efficiency

The field team can digitally review the stores to check if the contract conditions, product placement are met and to evaluate the store’s performance.

Be always one step ahead of the competition

You will be able to use the information gathered during store visits as the basis for identifying new promotional opportunities and for setting up future company strategies.

Companies that have already chosen Senior Software solutions:

Effectively track the field teams’ activities with SeniorSFA

Who from my company can use SeniorSFA?

Sales Director

• Defines the strategy and goals
• Views dashboards and reports
• Account planning


• Views sales team performance
• Manages team activities
• Creates customer presentations
• Views Reports
• Assigns tasks to other team members

merchandiser sfaMerchandiser

• In-store auditing
• Guided visits
• Step by step activities
• Product availability

reprezentant vanzari sfaSales agent

• Order taking
• Performs presales activities
• Consults and presents sales materials
• Streamlined pre-call planning
• In-store tasks

Reprezentant livrare directa sfa 2018DSD and Van sales Representatives

• Delivery
• Cash Collection
• Inventory
• Invoicing
• Reports

What SeniorSFA clients say:

SeniorSFA is a very stable and very responsive application, meaning that the data from the field arrives in an extremely short time at the headquarters. It has simplified the way of working a lot. Also, it helped us to optimize the amount of sales very much, in the sense that we watch more closely how the product performs at the customer and we have a history that we monitor. Having access to the history of returns, we were able to find out where there are problems, what solutions are needed to reduce this percentage and, thus, we have greatly reduced returns.

Marius Chiorean, Property Manager - Torockoi, manufacturer of cheese and other dairy products

The SFA solution allowed us to guide the sales representatives to the areas with the highest demand and to outline strategies for the areas where the demand was lower, so that we could register growth in these segments as well. Moreover, we have reduced the order processing time quite a lot. […] With SFA, any information is processed directly from the field, without errors, each order being taken immediately into the system, without intermediaries.

Adrian Buica, IT Manager - Sano Vita, one of the main players in the vegetarian food market in Romania

What are SeniorSFA’s capabilities?

Offline working mode

Sales agents can perform their tasks successfully even in areas without internet access

Available on Android, IOS, Windows

The solution offers high flexibility even when it comes to the hardware infrastructure

Access for external suppliers

The companies that are involved in your promotional activities or other kind of activities, will be able to use the application, and you will be able to follow closely the progress

Connects with other software systems

The SeniorSFA solution can be integrated with the systems you already have in your company (e.g. ERP, Business Intelligence)

Do you want to know how SeniorSFA can help you increase the productivity of your field teams?

For what kind activities is SeniorSFA useful?

  • Plan visits
  • Check and fill customer information (contact details, stocks, prices, etc.)
  • Take orders
  • Bill invoices
  • Print receipts
  • Gathering field information
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Van Sales
  • Plan visits
  • Check and fill customer information
  • Take orders
  • Direct selling
  • Stock Management
  • Print receipts/invoices
  • Gathering field information
Merchandising & Marketing
  • Plan visits
  • Check and fill customer information
  • Monitor the shelf placement of products
  • Promotion management
  • Gather information about the placement of your products
  • Gather information about competitors
  • Monitor the placement of promotional materials
sfa agenti de vanzari mobile Targete si Analiza
Targets & Analysis
  • Establish custom sales objectives for each team or agent
  • Track Sales targets: Total number of visits, success rate for each one, Sales, Revenue, etc.
  • KPI analysis
  • Define users and group of users
  • Create forms and questionnaires
  • Plan marketing campaigns
  • Create and allocate tasks to field employees
  • View information regarding visits, clients, users
  • Send information to field employees
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