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Promote your business smarter and get closer to your partners, with the B2B platform!

Increases business awareness and improves the relationship with business partners with the SeniorB2B business-to-business e-commerce platform. The B2B sales platform provides an efficient promotion of the product portfolio, secured access for each user and, last but not least, it simplifies the ordering process for customers and helps you to quickly and efficiently manage orders from customers.

With SeniorB2B you benefit from:

Lower operational costs

Online store easy to navigate

Detailed exposure of products / services

Unlimited options for product listing

Secured login and email notifications

Access from anywhere and from any device

Product listing on Trada Marketplace

Integration with ERP and CRM

B2B portal for increasing online sales

The B2B platform from Senior Software is a modern business-to-business portal that offers companies:

Portal B2B pentru cresterea vanzarilor online business-to-business modern care ofera beneficii

A quick way

for interacting with business partners, as well as the sale of goods and services.

Simplification of sales flows

and more visibility in the market through the functionalities for optimizing the marketing processes.

Streamlining online business transactions

between manufacturers or distributors, on the one hand, and resellers and customers on the other.

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The shortest sales chain for manufacturers and distributors of products with short shelf life!

The B2B E-commerce platform from Senior Software is ideal for production and distribution companies that are dealing with products with a short shelf life, regardless of the industry in which they operate: food (dairy, bakery, meat products, etc.) or non-food (plants, flowers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, natural or parapharmaceuticals, etc.).

Using a B2B portal, manufacturers provide a short selling chain of major importance. The products reach customers immediately, the number of intermediaries is reduced, customer satisfaction increases, and the storage costs of the products remaining in stock are lower.

Distribution companies can use the B2B e-commerce platform to reduce product selling time and to eliminate the risks concerning products that have a short shelf life. At the same time, storage costs are reduced and you benefit from a better visibility for all products.

Benefits of B2B e-commerce for Manufacturers:

Once logged into the account, customers have access to the commercial policies established by the contract

Detailed product information (such as manufacturing method) is visible in the account

Each customer is informed about the status of products and orders

Customers can view information and are notified about data of interest such as: spare parts, products with similar characteristics, offers depending on quantity, etc.

Shortening the sales cycle: the product reaches its partner faster from production, who then makes it available to the final consumer

Warehousing and other logistics costs are reduced or eliminated by shortening the supply and sales chain

All processes are streamlined, from placing the customer order to delivering the products

client senior software ecommerce b2b business to business platforma romania
client senior software ecommerce b2b business to business platforma romania

Benefits of B2B e-commerce for Distributors:

Retrieving the supply orders, from the client stores (resellers), remotely, by placing them online, without the need for the sales agents to travel to the client

Fast price updating and finding the correct information on the site about the available stock

Each client has access to the prices negotiated by contract directly from the client’s account

Customers can find answers to questions via live chat, without traveling to the customer for product presentations, or by telephone conversations

Customers have multiple units of measurement for the same product

Multi-warehouse storage

A large number of customers can place multiple orders at the same time, for a wide range of products, the data being retrieved and processed automatically

Each customer, from his own account, can view information about the status of the order

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Companies that are using the SeniorB2B solution:

The B2B platform from Senior Software is integrated with the ERP system and allows retrieving and processing in the shortest possible time of essential information, such as:

Information about customers

and their places of business

Prices and personalized offers

for each client

Credit limits, payment terms

and the approved payment method

Order and invoice history,

detailed schedule and balance sheet