By using SeniorCRM you can easily manage the work of your teams:


Track customer visits and proposals, keep all the details about them in a single system, implement customized sales workflows and monitor the results easier.


Import potential customers’ databases, group them based on various criteria, approach them through integrated marketing campaigns and analyze the results more easily.

Service & Support

Customize and automatize service requests allocation and solving procedures, create a knowledgebase and FAQ’s for increased productivity.

Project Management

Create projects quickly, allocate adequate resources and personnel, check the accepted safety budget limits and constantly measure the results.

CRM platform with 4 million users worldwide

SeniorCRM is developed on Microsoft xRM platform, with over 4 million users worldwide and can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products such as Outlook or SharePoint. Being fully customizable, it can quickly adapt to the needs of any business.

Due to the simplicity of use, managers are able to create reports and graphs in no time, they can access performance indicators, analyze the customers’ needs, evaluate the results of the marketing campaigns or the status of service requests, contributing to increasing customer satisfaction and generating new sales.

Connect all departments and offer customers unique experiences

With SeniorCRM all employees have access to a common database, and any new information added is available immediately in the system, the main benefit being optimal communication between employees but also with customers or partners.
If, for example, a sales consultant temporary replaces his colleague during holidays, he will be able to learn the customers’ interaction history directly from CRM. Of course, users’ access to the information in the system is carried out in accordance with the security policies established in the company.

Automate repetitive tasks with custom workflows

In SeniorCRM, a number of predefined workflows are available, which you can customize according to the needs and particularities of your company. Each workflow consists of a series of stages, which are composed of mandatory steps to follow. In this way you can automate the most common activities, such as advancing a potential client from one sales stage to another or the correct allocation of service requests to the people with the right skills.

Choose only the modules and functionalities suited for your business

CRM’s modular structure enables gradual implementation, depending on the activities undertaken. If, for example, there is a dedicated customer support department, but few promotional campaigns, then surely the marketing module is not necessary. Later on, as business grows, you can easily add new features. Also, for more effective control of your business, SeniorCRM can be integrated with other management systems: ERP, Business Intelligence etc.

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What’s new in the latest SeniorCRM version?

A new interface

The interface of the new CRM system is more intuitive, improving the users experience and productivity and it is designed to offer easy access to the information they need.

Business processes

The new CRM system introduces the concept of business processes. They can be easily created and customized and they are designed to guide the user, showing its current status, what he did and what he has to do in order to carry out the required activities.

Quick access to information

The new CRM system has a drop-down menu that can be accessed from anywhere in the application and allows users to quickly reach certain information without having to switch from one window to another.

Flexible workflows

The simplified method for creating and editing workflows facilitates the creation of even the most complex business processes. Each Process contains certain predefined stages and each stage has mandatory steps.

Quick creation button

The Quick Creation form allows data entry from anywhere in the application just by pressing a button, selecting the desired entity type and then entering the requested information, thus facilitating the employees’ work.

Extensive data about customers

To help strengthening relationships with prospects and customers, the new CRM allows attaching pictures to each contact in the system. In addition, the location can be displayed on the map, thanks to the integration with Microsoft Bing Maps.