MES - The smart solution for the Management of Production Activities


Advantages for manufacturers in any Industry

With MES (Manufacturing Execution System) you have control over all the operations in your factory, from the moment the order is launched until the finished product is ready.


Facilitates the interconnection of all equipment, devices, people and factory processes.


Monitors in real time how the resources and processes within the factory are used.

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Visual analysis capabilities allow you to make quick decisions based on current information.


Offers the latest methods of data management and analysis, based on Artificial Intelligence.

Industrialization 4.0 is here!
How do you adapt your factory to Industry 4.0?

Integration is the key word in the transition to Industrialization 4.0. The transition from traditional working methods, with pen and paper, to the integration of all devices and equipment in the factory is a critical step for companies that want to increase their performance.

The Industry 4.0 concept is based on 4 advantages that any company must have, and which can be obtained by implementing the MES solution:

4 steps for the Digitalized Factory

How can you have a factory organized according to the principles of Industry 4.0?

1. Digitization

Eliminate the use of rudimentary methods, such as pen and paper, to send information within the production chain and endow yourself with a computer tool that digitizes information and makes it available in real time via the Internet.

2. Web workstations

Endow the factory operators with PCs, tablets and mobile phones, so that they can be permanently online, connected to the factory’s computer system, which manages the entire production process.

3. Process automation

Organize the production processes with machines, sensors, measuring instruments, equipment, devices, terminals, printers and industrial scales, so that the entire factory is connected to the Internet.

4. Computer system

Implement a computer system that interconnects the productive resources (machines, equipment, people and tools) with the execution resources (production control, quality control, materials management, process control, predictive maintenance).

MES – Manufacturing Execution System

• Computer software dedicated to factories that want to achieve performance in production
• Manages and controls the entire production process
• Facilitates communication with all productive resources, being located between the ERP system and Scada/PLC
• Provides the connection between management and the executive level

What results do you get with MES?

Reduction of time dedicated to data entry

Reduction of manufacturing times

Reduction of order preparation time

Reduction of manufacturing defects

Production Management System adapted to the factory

What are the software’s components?

MES is a platform with a modular structure, so you can choose only the components you need in the factory. Of course, you can expand the system at any time, depending on the evolution and needs that arise along the way.


• Production management
• Electronic transmission of documents/tasks
• Sending and collecting production data
• Real-time monitoring of the factory
• OEE analysis

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• Automatic material identification
• Warehouse/location/batch management
• Receipt/Delivery of goods
• Material picking management
• Material handling
• Kanban interface with automated warehouses

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• Equipment maintenance management
• Preventive maintenance
• Fault maintenance
• Autonomous maintenance
• Predictive maintenance
• Consumption of spare parts/materials
• MTBF, MTTF, MTD, MTTR, MTTW maintenance performance analysis

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• Defining quality tests on raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products
• Management of tests by variables
• Generating and managing test orders
• Detecting and managing test results

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Premium modules of the MES solution for Production Management

To expand the capabilities of the production system, you can implement three additional modules that include extra management features for the entire production cycle.


• Generation and management of batch/serial numbers during the production process
• Upstream and downstream traceability
• Tracking and monitoring batch/serial numbers
• Genealogy of batch/serial numbers
• Automatic identification of batch/serial numbers

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• Management of communication protocols and logic
• Automatic data collection from devices
• Automatic data transmission to devices
• Real-time monitoring of equipment
• Real-time reporting

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• Integration of Artificial Intelligence
• Conditional predictive monitoring
• Predictive maintenance
• Predictive quality
• Notification and warning system

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 The pillars of your digital factory

Increase the quality of your products with the complete software suite for digitizing your factory


The modernization of the production process starts from the design stage, goes through all the other phases one by one until the introduction of the product on the market and continues with the reuse of data and product development.

In this context, ERP and MES automate the relevant maintenance processes, and PLM – the product lifecycle management solution – completes the set of software systems for production through innovation.

The connection between the three systems will allow you to respond to current challenges by making quality products and mass customizations, all of these delivered in a shorter time and at low costs.

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