Spend up to 80% less time for the inventory replenishment and planning processes

In addition to the significant reduction of the planning time, SeniorINVENTORY
helps you get up to:

Revenue increase

Forecasting stock requirements according to the volume of previous customer orders will generate an increase of the customers’ satisfaction and higher income.

Stock reduction

Optimal inventory planning according to the demand evolution leads to the reduction of safety stocks, without affecting customer satisfaction.

Productivity increase

Besides automating specific processes, the highly intuitive user interface enables employees to verify and plan more quickly the optimum level of stocks for thousands of products.

Expenses decrease

Correct estimation of the products demand helps avoiding situations where you have inventory excesses or shortages and that leads to smaller supply and warehousing costs.

How to cut costs with SeniorINVENTORY?

SeniorINVENTORY automatically calculates and shows you what to order, when to order and where to store the goods, so that you get a perfect balance between business profitability and customer service quality.

The system allows you to reduce the stock investment and increase employee productivity due to specific functionalities that automate the purchasing activities, such as planning the optimal stock or generating supply, transfer or production orders. Last but not least, the system’s intuitive interface allows employees to assess the situation of the stocks much more quickly and identify possible problems in a timely manner.

What are the benefits of using the Inventory Optimization solution?

Positive cash flow for the company

Goods represent a restraint of capital, and as long as they stay in the warehouse, they do nothing but generate increasingly higher costs, and often lose their value. SeniorINVENTORY allows you to store the optimal quantity of merchandise, which means that you can avoid both overstock situations, when you have to support large storage expenses, and those of stock shortage , which may lead to a decrease in sales. Furthermore, the system takes into account all the variables that could influence the size of the demand, such as seasonality or trends, so that the stock levels will always besynchronized with the sales.

More satisfied customers

Satisfying customers implies the ability to provide them with exactly the products they want, when they want them. Based on previous customer orders, future demand is predicted, and starting from this, the system calculates daily the quantity of goods needed to cover it. And if it is integrated with the company’s ERP system, all transfer or purchase orders will be forwarded automatically to it in order to be processed in the shortest time, making the delivery to be achieved more quickly. Thus, with SeniorINVENTORY you manage to have more satisfied clients without high costs and without having to store large quantities of merchandise.

More productive employees

Activities such as manual checking the stock levels of thousands of products, setting the minimum and maximum quantities or the safety stock for each of them, as well as establishing the procurement sources for the goods needed to cover the customer orders, are extremely unproductive and time-consuming. With SeniorINVENTORY employees take advantage of easy ways for checking the stocks for a large number of products, by grouping them according to certain common characteristics. In addition, the system allows scheduling inspections on each group separately and setting alerts to notify the user when a specific group has to be checked.

Want to learn more about SeniorINVENTORY?

The basic functionalities of SeniorINVENTORY:

System alerts

Alerts are intended to highlight the stock issues that require attention. They ensure the normal functioning of the system and help to optimize the planning process or to prioritize the activities depending on their importance. Specifically, due to the alerts system you can save time, money and effort.

Multi-location planning

With SeniorINVENTORY you can optimize the stocks for an unlimited number of locations (physical or virtual). The replenishment method is set during the implementation, facilitating the appropriate forecasting, planning and replenishment of every article in each location.

Inventory Optimization

SeniorINVENTORY optimizes current and future stock demand and highlights the exceptional situations that require attention. This information allows you to apply the necessary measures so that you can cover the customers’ demands and at the same time minimize the inventory.

Inventory forecasting

The forecasting function can easily manage items with low inventory turnover, random or seasonal demand. It’s easy to make any manual change to adjust the forecasted quantity: you only modify the quantity for a month, and the system will automatically perform the new planning, maintaining an initial value for reference.