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Take the step towards Electronic Commerce with the SeniorB2C ECOMMERCE platform!


Sell more, faster and easier with SeniorB2C!

More and more buyers are shifting towards e-commerce / digital, which is why we provide you with modern online stores, with all the necessary tools to attract as many customers and get the desired performance in sales.

With the SeniorB2C ecommerce platform you promote your business fast and easy and attract customers from everywhere. Your products gain maximum visibility on the market and you can process several orders in a very short time.

The SeniorB2C ecommerce solution is integrated with the ERP system from Senior Software. The entire sales process is automated so you simplify as much as possible the operations related to electronic commerce.

Those who have chosen the SeniorB2C ecommerce platform obtained the following results:

2 x

Double the average value of the basket in the first month

3 x

Triple the number of sales


Orders delivered the day after placing the order


More time spent by customers on the site


Increase in the number of users in the first month


Accuracy when taking orders


Increase in sales in the first month


Higher sales in the first 6 months


Sales growth in one year

The SeniorB2C e-commerce platform includes:

Online store available 24/7

100% customizable design

Automatic adaptation to any kind of device, desktop or mobile

Perfect integration with ERP

SEO optimization & purchasing behavior analysis

Alerts and notifications for customers through email

Unlimited display options and product details (sorting by an unlimited number of criteria; color variations, sizes, etc .; attaching documents, images, videos, etc.)

Special pages for separate listing of new products, promotions / discounts, Black Friday, etc.

Multiple ways of promotion: remarketing, Google Ads, Social Media, etc.

Secure access and multiple payment methods

magazine online la cheie pret platforma ecommerce pentru vanzare online

What do you obtain with the B2C platform from Senior Software?

Among the main benefits and advantages resulting from the use of the SeniorB2C business-to-consumer platform are:

More brand awareness

Rapidly increase loyalty for existing customers

Modern product presentation facilities

User friendly online store

Detailed exposure for all products

Attracting new customers and increasing sales

Increasing the average value of the shopping cart

Fast and easy order processing

Shortening the sales cycle

Fewer product returns

Much lower operating costs

More efficient marketing promotion for products in stock

Increasing traffic in the online store

Increasing the time spent by customers on the site

All the features for online stores

The SeniorB2C platform offers advanced functionalities that allow you to be in the top of customer preferences:

Self-manage customer data

Easy to manage personal information

Modern design & easy navigation

Detailed presentation and advanced search filters

Increased efficiency and accuracy

Orders taken and processed in real time

Stock loading notification

Notifications of the type “Item back in stock”

Optional customer account

Launch orders without an account or automatically create an account after the first order

Ofera valoare adaugata clienti ecommerce senior software koh-i-noor

Courier integration

Automatically calculated delivery cost; communicate AWB

Multiple payment methods

Cash on delivery, integration with online card payment processors, or in installments

Live chat

Support and assistance offered live to customers

Price comparison

Feeds for price comparison shopping websites:,,

Comments and reviews

Application for comments and reviews for the products on the site

Creste calitatea serviciilor clienti ecommerce senior software sanovita

Order history & favourite products

Available to any registered customer

Communication with subscribers

Through email and other tools

Methods for increasing customer loyalty

Loyalty points, discounts, codes, vouchers

Newsletter subscription

Pop-up newsletter subscription window

Price & stock alerts

Alert system for notifying customers about stock / price changes

Impulsioneaza vanzarile clienti ecommerce senior software rocast

Social networking

Recommend pages or products through social networking sites

Remarketing for abandoned cart

Maintaining products in the cart and email notifications for registered customers

Up-sell and cross-sell

Promotions like: “other customers also bought…”, or “product x matches y”

Targeted recommendations

Targeted product promotion based on online shopping behavior

Integrated SEO

Integration with search engines, meta tags manually or automatically, Google sitemap

Fidelizeaza clientii clienti ecommerce senior software doriot dent

Find out more details about the Senior Software’s B2C online sales platform!

See the main advantages that the SeniorB2C solution offers to you.

Examples of romanian businesses that use the SeniorB2C ecommerce platform:

constructii-mag implementare ecommerce romania magazin online


doriot dent implementare ecommerce romania magazin online

Doriot Dent

koh-i-noor implementare ecommerce romania magazin online


sanovita implementare ecommerce romania magazin online


marketplace trada ecommerce magazin online

Discover the successful story of the trada Marketplace: is an online marketplace platform, developed by Senior Software with the catchphrase “Online shopping. Made Simple”, out of the desire to take the experience of digital commerce to the next level.

A few details about the trada Marketplace:

More than 50,000 items listed on the site, from over 150 brands

1st place GPeC in 2019 and in 2020

Integration with the platform “I pay” for online card payments

Feed for price comparison and Google Analytics integration

Integration with ERP for taking stocks, sending customer information and orders

Integration with WMS for order transmission

Integration with CRM for managing clients and opportunities

Integration with BI for reporting

Possibility of integration with any ERP or WMS of the partners for drop-shipping operations