Systems for Production Management in the INDUSTRY 4.0 era

In the Industry 4.0 era, digitization is the keyword, a phenomenon which allows the collection and analysis of data through machines and leads to faster, more flexible and more efficient processes, so that high quality products are made at lower costs.

An Industry 4.0 factory is an independent and interconnected entity, which can collect and analyze data and make automated decisions. This is made possible by implementing systems for the management of all production steps, from the planning stage until the products are made.

productie sisteme pentru management industry 4.0

Discover the software systems for manufacturers:

  • Remote production planning
  • Planning time reduced up to 60%
  • Real-time application changes
  • Real-time management of factory operations
  • Shorter production cycles
  • Reduced order preparation time
  • Accounting tasks automation
  • Easier workflows
  • Automatic document generation
  • Integrated information, accessible in real time
  • SeniorERP Mobile — web application for customer relationship management
  • Operations automation
  • Picking optimization
  • Complete traceability, from reception to delivery
  • Workflow reorganization
  • Inventory planning time reduced up to 80%
  • Supply processes automation
  • Multi-location planning
  • Budget and financial planning
  • Real-time access to financial information and reports
  • User collaboration – presentation and chat features included
  • Unlimited versions and scenarios for planning, forecasting and simulation
  • Business indicators and analysis available anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time charts and interactive reports
  • Remotely identifying problems and solutions
  • 24/7 available sales channel
  • Secure online payments
  • Prices, stocks and orders in real time

These customizable solutions allow you to connect your factory to the rest of the business, with benefits such as:

Reduced planning time
Increased factory productivity
Reduction of documentation volume
Fewer manufacturing defects
Lowered execution time
Fewer material stocks
Shorter production cycles
Faster return of investments

What our clients say:

For Terasteel, the implementation of the production planning solution from Senior Software brough an over 10% increase of total production, but, from my point of view, the most important things are the flexibility brought by the suite and the traceability gained in our client relationships. More so, any change we make on the production line or at shipping can be immediately announced and in time to our clients, so that they can organize their worksites.

Cosmin Patroiu, General Manager, TeraSteel

In the last years we felt the need for better integrated software solutions, but also more adaptability to the local legislation and work style. After a serious analysis, Senior Software’s solution package was the one that best answered these needs and the one that convinced us with its remarcable adaptability to the Romanian legislation and the realities of the local business medium

Radu Muntean, Commercial Manager Baneasa Moara & Baneasa Paste.

The ERP, with all its modules, helps you a lot when it comes to gaining a global view of your core-business. A first net advantage is the improvement of repetitive tasks, you can automate a lot. It helps you when you want to know how much money producing something costs – this is extremely important. With this key element – cost – you can make decisions, you can make a sales plan and a budget

Marius Chiorean, Property Manager Lactate Torockoi

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