APS - Advanced production planning and scheduling system

Plan the entire activity within the factory and balance production capacity according to demand!


What does the production planning solution do?

APS shows you what to produce, when to produce, on what equipment and with what resources. Using advanced computational algorithms, the system helps you balance production capacity according to demand in order to generate feasible production schedules.

With APS you can schedule the entire production activity, starting with existing operations and resources to raw materials requirements or maintenance activities.

What are the benefits of APS?

Quickly plan necessary materials

It takes into account the schedule of activities, recipes and production stages, raw material requirements and supply time.

Highlight and solve problems in a timely manner

You can easily view any defects, delays or postponement in production and you can apply changes in real time in order to reduce the impact.

laptop productie screenshot aps advanced planning and scheduling program planificarea productiei

Reduce activities without added value

You can plan the orders optimally, applying the rule of minimizing preparation time of the equipment, available in the system.

Easily compare various alternative scenarios

With the “What-If” function you can test various scenarios and compare a wide variety of production types, depending on the criteria you set.


Why choose an APS system for your factory?

With the APS production planning system, you can make the most of factory resources, you can easily adapt your production capacity to demand, and plan maintenance activities.

Increased schedule generation speed

Correct data modelling

Visibility over planning

High interactivity

References & Know-how

What-If analyses

sistem APS – optimizare capacitate productie, programarea productiei

APS - a STRATEGIC tool for modern factories

APS supports major decisions on production capacity. Thus, while the Planning module successfully answers the WHAT? and HOW? questions, Scheduling is about tactics, answering the question WHEN?

Componentele solutiei de planificare productie Planificare si programare avansata

What results have companies that use APS achieved?


Increase in the number of orders delivered on time


Increase of the productivity in the factory


Reduction of scheduling time


Reduction of the raw materials stock


Reduction of execution time


Components of the production planning solution

The APS solution is recognized for its state-of-the-art integrated technology that allows optimized planning. The ability to generate multiple production plans in a short time allows the employees to make the right decisions. In addition, the production planning system provides tools for analysing problems and testing alternative scenarios to solve them.

1. Advanced planning

The production planning component of APS helps you determine what and how much to produce, where and when to produce, as well as what materials and resources are needed, taking into account sales forecasts and customer orders.

The planning can be done for a small capacity or an infinite production capacity, and the planned periods can be days, weeks, months, or a combination of the three.


Planning down to recipe level

Interactive view of planning

Planning of production in stock

Make-to-order planning

2. Advanced scheduling

APS is an interactive, multi-constraint scheduling system. It prioritizes and takes into account both the availability of resources and the additional constraints related to tools, materials and more, in order to ensure the correct modelling of production.


Advanced material handling

Maximum possible flexibility

Interactive viewing of programming

Multi-constraint scheduling based on orders

Advanced scheduling optimization

Visualization of the assembly process

Advanced constraint modelling

VIDEO: How does the APS solution work?

Find out how the production planning solution works and see how you can reduce production time by up to 50%!

Stages of the production planning process with APS


The production scheduling features you need

• Production plans are arranged in the form of an interactive Gantt Chart
• Production orders are added to plans through Drag & Drop
• Each order is represented by a different color
• The system signals delayed orders and shows the connection between orders
• Different running speeds of operations from one resource to another may be defined
• It is allowed to overwrite and decompose operations
• Provides reports that allow you to compare one schedule with another
Multiple constraints can be inserted for limited resources at the operation level
• Allows control of production stages depending on the selected resources
Several batches can be scheduled on the same resources
• Provides scheduling optimization rules
• The SQL database is fully customizable

Find out more about the production planning solution. See the benefits that digitization can bring to your factory!

APS – Advanced production planning and scheduling system

Case Studies & Useful Articles

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