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Provided by professionals with over 20 years of experience in IT, Economics, Logistics and Production.

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Since 2003, we have been helping national and international companies reach their full potential, work more efficiently and be more profitable, by providing them with solutions customised to their needs.

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Increase your sales with the updated version of SeniorERP

You get FREE CRM, SFA and Dashboards features when purchasing the system.

The most dynamic software provider in Romania

The success of our projects is due to the professionalism and know-how of the team, but also to the partnerships with world-class players, with whom we share features such as innovation and the desire to turn technology into direct benefits for companies.


Our systems are used by hundreds of companies in the country and abroad, with distribution, production, retail or service activities.


Our experience translates into best practices and customized workflows, embedded in specialized automation solutions.

Integrated software solutions — unlimited possibilities for business development!

Every company has unique work processes and requirements, thus it needs modern software tools to connect employees, departments and specific workflows.


We use the latest technologies from Microsoft along with internationally tested platforms.

Flexible licensing

Encourages work in shifts and reduces licensing costs up to 2 or 3 times.

How does the WMS help you meet the new rules of social distancing in your warehouse?

Flexible licensing

Encourages work in shifts and reduces up to 2 or 3 times the licensing costs

Smart receptions

Reduce the document-based interaction and the physical contact with carriers


Issuing and sending documents thorough integration with ERP, carriers, etc.

Our clients speak for us:

Get the HR analysis solution for a special price!

Features such as central dashboard, hiring, payroll or termination

Options to get data straight from an Excel spreadsheet

Easy integration with any HR app or ERP already used in the company

70 predefined indicators

Discover our systems

WMS – Warehouse Management

  • Operations automation
  • Picking optimization
  • Complete traceability, from reception to delivery
  • Workflow reorganization

Inventory – Replentishment optimization

  • Inventory planning time reduced up to 80%
  • Supply processes automation
  • Multi-location planning

ERP – Resource Management

  • Accounting tasks automation
  • Easier workflows
  • Automatic document generation
  • Integrated information, accessible in real time
  • SeniorERP Mobile — web application for customer relationship management

XRP — Complex Business Processes

  • A unique platform for your business
  • Project management
  • Incident Management
  • Construction tracking
  • Production planning

APS – Production Planning

  • Remote production planning
  • Planning time reduced up to 60%
  • Real-time application changes

MES – Production Management

  • Real-time management of factory operations
  • Shorter production cycles
  • Reduced order preparation time

SFA – Sales Agents

  • Remote monitoring and control of the sales reps
  • Automatic transmission of on-site information
  • Reduced order process time

TMS – Transport Route Optimization

  • Automatic route planning
  • Automatic sending of transport routes
  • Reduced planning and delivery times

BI – Data Analysis

  • Business indicators and analysis available anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time charts and interactive reports
  • Remotely identifying problems and solutions

CPM – Budgeting & Planning

  • Budget and financial planning
  • Real-time access to financial information and reports
  • User collaboration – presentation and chat features included
  • Unlimited versions and scenarios for planning, forecasting and simulation

HR – Human Resource Management

  • Automatic issuance of statements (112) and reports
  • Automatic calculation of sick leave compensations and salaries
  • Automatic workflows

E-Commerce – Online Sales

  • 24/7 available sales channel
  • Secure online payments
  • Prices, stocks and orders in real time

Take the first step towards the digital factory!

Senior Software provides audit services for companies that want to take the first step towards digitalizing the factory and Industry 5.0. The audit is meant to determine the specific needs for machine data collection from the machines. What benefits can factory digitalization bring you?

20% increase in productivity

45% reduction in production cycle time

75% reduction in data entry time

18% reduction of manufacturing errors

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B2C — customizable online store with a modern design that offers you unlimited possibilities to promote your product portfolio.

B2B — the fastest way for Manufacturers or Distributors on the one hand, and Resellers or Clients on the other to interact and sell/purchase.

Case studies

By implementing the new rules required by the authorities, companies managing stocks, warehouses or production facilities needed to reduce their staff by half in the available on-site space…

Our clients: