From reception to delivery, manage your goods more efficiently with the latest WMS solution


What features does the WMS solution provide?

wms scanner
Scans the goods at reception
wms Pick-by-light/by-voice
wms Tiparire, scanare cod bare
Prints, scans the barcode
WMS Etichetare, impachetare comenzi
Labeling, packaging orders
wms Descarcare FIFO/FEFO
Downloads FIFO/FEFO
wms Trasabilitate loturi
Traceability of batches
wms Inventariere automata
Automated inventory
wms Raportare, urmarire KPI
Reporting, KPI tracking

See how the WMS solution fits your business model!

The flexibility and intuitiveness of the WMS solution enable its implementation in companies with activities in:

Here are some of the challenges that distribution companies face:

The large share of the stocks and logistics costs in the final price of the product

The great variety of products and suppliers

The large number of delivery points

Weighable products (meet, cheese)

Promotional packages

IKA delivery rules, based on advanced scenarios

Clients with special requirements

The need for total traceability

The WMS solution provides the distribution companies with:

Advanced rules warehouse discharge: FIFO/FEFO

Traceability of batches

High standards for frozen products

Quality control of the goods

The capabilities to create and manage promotional packages

Integration with the planning solution and stocks optimization

The possibility of controlling the network of partners

Automatic stock allocation based on IKA delivery rules

What our clients say?

Choose the WMS solution developed on the Mantis platform – the leading supplier of logistics IT systems and consultancy in South-East Europe, present in 20 countries, and you will you will benefit from:

The best practices from over 500 companies

The reduction of time used for task executions

The increase of the handling speed of goods

The significant reduction of returns

The Increased speed of the stock rotation

The optimization of the flow of goods

The increase of customers’ satisfaction

The Increased visibility of information

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