Using APS & MES production systems within the manufacturing company Flexibil

We have control over all manufacturing flows, efficient planning of each operation, and workers are paid according to the volume and quality of the products they make.

Watch the video and find out how the manufacturing activity within the Flexibil company was optimized

Flexible, the manufacturer of anti-vibration components and systems, has automated its factory processes and gained major benefits with the integrated solutions for production, from Senior Software: APS (software for production planning) and MES (software for production management).

Once the systems were implemented, all the processes in the factory were optimized. Among the results gained by Flexibil by automating production with APS and MES, we can mention:

Detailed production planning according to all constraints

Real-time monitoring of operations

Efficient management of order volume, raw material, production capacity

Complete traceability on all production flows

Visibility on the activities of each operator

Paying employees according to the volume produced and the quality

Real-time operator access to up-to-date information

Simplifying tasks and increasing employee productivity

Respecting exactly the production recipes and quality assurance

Meeting production deadlines

Gaining shorter delivery times

Interconnection and synchronization of all elements within the factory (machines, systems, etc.)

Increasing profitability and improving customer relations

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Industry 4.0 – Interconnected and controlled production processes