Video Case Study – Parmafood lowered budget planning times by 50% with SeniorCPM

Parmafood Group Distribution stopped using Excel style software and completely automated the company’s budget planning process. With the CPM / EPM system for performance management, the distributor from Bucharest lowered the time required to plan budgets by 50%.

By implementing the SeniorCPM suite, Parmafood  also gained important benefits, such as:

  • The automatic generation of the monthly sales and expenditures budget, on product and client level
  • The automatic calculation and tracking of the profitability report, on article level
  • The estimation of cost types from discount off-invoices
  • The comparison of supplier support and client discount invoices with older invoices, directly in the system
  • The calculating and tracking of the Profit & Loss report, including received and offered discounts
  • The ability to discintly track all revenue and expenditures from Key Account, Horeca and Retail, at SKU and partner levels
  • The allocation of service invoices by cost centers
  • The allocation of logistical expenditures by article, based on the type of shipment operations
  • The generation of profitability reports on SKU level, drilling down until contribution margins
  • An advanced defining and creation system for promotions and offers, from the acquisition and sales processes

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