Find out what benefits Royal Computers achieved after implementing the WMS system!

Royal Computers is one of the Top 10 most well-known distributors of hardware products in Romania, with a warehouse of 2260 square meters and a portfolio of over 2500 items. The company chose the WMS solution and after only two weeks of implementation, it noticed the first changes in warehouse:

  • Delivery accuracy increased to over 98%
  • Employee productivity increased by 35%
  • Human errors have been eliminated
  • Picking routes are shorter and faster
  • The placement of goods has been optimized
  • Visibility on operations and stocks has improved
  • Logistics and operational costs have decreased
  • The training time of the new employees has decreased

The WMS solution includes functionalities such as:

wms scanner
Good scanning at the reception
wms Pick-by-light/by-voice
wms Tiparire, scanare cod bare
Barcode printing & scanning
WMS Etichetare, impachetare comenzi
Labeling, order packing
wms Descarcare FIFO/FEFO
FIFO/FEFO download
wms Trasabilitate loturi
Lot traceability
wms Inventariere automata
Automatic inventory
wms Raportare, urmarire KPI
KPI reporting & tracking

Your warehouse deserves a more efficient management of goods, from reception to delivery!