Delaco implements Senior Software’s Warehouse Management System

Delaco Distribution, one of the most important players on the cheese market in Romania, has improved its warehouse management with a software solution. The decision to acquire the WMS from Senior Software was taken after the company’s managers found that the old system was no longer able to meet the needs of the business.

WMS la DelacoDelaco is one of the leading importers and distributors of dairy products in Romania. With the growth of warehouse space, the company’s representatives decided to implement the WMS from Senior Software. The decision to acquire a modern warehouse management system was taken after Delaco managers found that the old system, implemented ten years ago, was no longer able to meet the needs of the business.

“We chose Senior Software’s WMS, developed on the Mantis platform, after seeing its capabilities, ranging from processing speed to traceability. In our industry, we have a very large volume of goods to get ready in a few hours. Therefore, keeping the speed as well as other features constant, regardless of the volume of processed goods, is also extremely important in our industry,” 

said Dragos Comaniciu, Development Manager – Delaco Distribution.

The WMS benefits were noticeable immediately after implementation. Thus, the Delaco team observed a much higher accuracy of information, the speed of processing and transmission of data increased, errors were reduced considerably, and employee productivity was easily measured by reporting modules.

In addition, pallet organization has been streamlined, and access to inventory is now done in real time, Delaco gaining full traceability and end-to-end visibility in the warehouse.

“The biggest advantage is the system’s stability and implicitly, the stability provided by the WMS. There are many operations we have been doing in the warehouse, but they were not covered by the old application in terms of visibility. I’m referring to locked pallets for tagging, assigning tasks according to validity periods.  We now have the possibility to make stock allocations according to multiple criteria and we can include more information on the shipping labels. Furthermore, we optimized the warehouse by product category, reorganizing the layout of the commissioning area based on the product turnover and its importance in sales,”

said Dragos Comaniciu.

In terms of picking processes, they are now performing much faster and error-free with the help of some hardware equipment that completes the WMS, such as portable terminals or label printers provided also by Senior Software.

Among the companies in Romania that successfully use the WMS system, there are other famous brands such as Alexandrion, SanoVita, Croco, Dinamic 92, Stera Chemicals, Life Logistics, Herlitz and many others.