ERP for Retail & E-Commerce

One of the main goals pursued by retail companies is the growth of the business, of course without losing sight of keeping a high level of profitability. Even though they don’t often have the same resources as the large retailers, they can enjoy benefits such as: proximity to clients and increased flexibility in terms of strategy execution and sales pricing. To make sure they don’t lose these advantages as the business grows, retailers need an ERP system that improves operating efficiency and allows them to offer the same positive experience to clients regardless of the chosen sales channel: their own stores, telesales, online store and so on.

The most common challenges for Retail & E-commerce companies are:

erp retail ecommerce sistem erp pentru retail

Being aware at any moment of product stocks and prices

erp retail ecommerce sistem erp pentru retail

The ability to dynamically adjust prices and offers

erp retail ecommerce sistem erp pentru retail

Delivering products as quickly as possible and efficiently managing returns

erp retail ecommerce sistem erp pentru retail

Providing accurate data on product delivery time frames

With ERP for Retail & E-commerce you streamline the entire business, from receiving orders to inventory and accounting, because it offers:

Updated business-related data: orders, price lists, promotions, stocks and costs

Visibility across transactions and customer interactions across all sales channels

Tools for the automating the processes of receiving and delivering online orders

Real-time information about order status, deliveries and profitability by product and location

The Retail & E-commerce ERP system gives you an overview of all sales channels, allowing you to:

Lower redundant manual work and errors during order processing

Quickly process transactions with no need for hiring additional staff

Increase customer loyalty offering them up-to-date statuses on orders and deliveries

Lower the time dedicated to change prices, quantities and promotional discounts

Maximize revenue and profit by successfully integrating online and offline sales channels

What SeniorERP clients say:

Like any other company in the e-commerce market, we hope to be able to win as many customers as possible, and offer them an impeccable buying experience, so they can come back to us whenever they need it. With a unitary process management system within the company, we can get closer to people and we can provide them with the things they need for a livelier and more enjoyable life

Vasile Boitos, General Manager of German Electronics - a unique distributor on the Romanian electronics market of the German company Conrad

The only way a medium sized company such as Ati Barba can survive is by having a reliable software that protects our information, alerts us when something is wrong, provides us with account records’ security and an overview of business, and the integrated solution from Senior Software fulfils these conditions.

Ludovic Barta, General Manager Barta Ati - important distributor and retailer of beverages, cigarettes, sweets and coffee from Satu Mare

See how SeniorERP suits your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers the needs of all the people from every department, from human and financial resources to acquisitions,
B2B sales or logistics

Choose SeniorERP integrated with:

Business Intelligence is a highly intuitive reporting and analysis system that provides relevant and accurate information to the right people at the right time. With the help of the BI system, anyone can create their own reports, without resorting to dedicated technical staff who can process data and present them in a unitary format.

The system is developed on the Tableau Software platform, the world’s leading provider of data analysis and data viewing solutions, currently used by over 61,000 companies in over 50 countries.

More than 200 companies have so far chosen the Business Intelligence system.

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E-commerce is a customizable ecommerce platform that automatically adapts to any device , desktop or mobile. Depending on the specifics of your business, you can choose between:

  • B2C or online store for sale to end customers
  • B2B portal, for sale to companies
  • Prospect generation portal for high value services / products

Some of the advantages of the Senior Software E-commerce platform are:

  • It’s a 100% customizable platform
  • It is natively integrated with SeniorERP
  • It can integrate with other ERP solutions
  • You benefit from periodic platform upgrade
  • Importing product lists is free of charge
  • Includes SEO optimization services

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TMS is the integrated delivery management solution, consisting of three components:

  • Planning sales orders on optimal shipping routes
  • Complete delivery management
  • Professional GPS Navigation

Some of the advanced features the system offers to auto fleets are: Automatic route planning and optimization, creation of routes, racing assignments, professional navigation and GPS monitoring, CO2 transport cost and CO2 emissions management, bar code management, parcel tracking .

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The WMS solution manages the merchandise from reception to delivery , providing companies with access to state of the art warehouse management technologies for high performance and accuracy in logistics operations.
Some of the features that WMS offers are

  • Scanning merchandise at the reception
  • Display, location of goods
  • Pick-by-light/by-voice, wave picking
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Printing, scanning bar codes
  • Labelling, packing orders
  • FIFO/FEFO removal
  • Batches Traceability
  • Automatic inventory
  • Reporting, KPI tracking

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Senior Software’s optimization solution tells you how to order, how much to order, when to order and where to store the merchandise so you can get a perfect balance between business profitability and the quality of customer service.

With the stock optimization solution, you spend up to 80% less time on the supply process and inventory planning and get:

  • 15% Increased revenues
  • 20% Inventory reduction
  • 5% Increased productivity
  • 15% Reduced spending

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HR is the full human resource management solution , which manages the entire employee’s evolution cycle from recruitment to retirement.

The benefits of the HR solution are:

  • Considerable savings of time and money
    Because you have all the information in the same place
  • Increased response speed
    To any changes regarding your employees
  • Improved internal communication
    Intre angajati, respectiv intre angajati si manageri
  • Increased transparency of HR processes
    The data can be accessed easily

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Communication via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) replaces fax or paper submission of various documents using XML formats based on widely accepted standards. EDI is used by industry vendors to streamline the exchange of operational documents with partners and vendors , but especially by the major International Key Accounts (IKA) chains. Standard documents used in day-to-day work with partners can be transmitted with minimal human intervention, automating processes and information flows.

Why to use EDI?

  • Significantly reduces your costs and working time
  • Decreases the number of errors caused by document handling
  • Transactions are much faster and safer
  • Increases the speed of inventory rotation and uses storage space more efficiently
  • You get increased reporting performance and accuracy in taking orders