SeniorERP Mobile

Connected to Your Business, Anywhere & Anytime!

Software for field employees, available from any Android device

SeniorERP Mobile is more than an application integrated with SeniorERP, being a component of it. Any information in the mobile application is perfectly synchronized with the ERP system, so that field employees can instantly view, add and edit customer data, invoices, receipts, stocks, prices and more. The application can be accessed from an internet browser or installed on any Android phone or tablet.

What are the benefits?

Mobilize employees by giving them access to the ERP system regardless of location
Increase the speed of deliveries, and thus customer satisfaction
Increases employee productivity by giving them an easy-to-use application
Increases business performance by being permanently connected to the market and the customer needs
Decrease document processing time, because they are uploaded directly to the ERP system
Shorten sales cycles of goods and collect money from customers faster

SFA, CRM and WMS functionalities, available directly in the ERP system

With SeniorERP Mobile, you manage the entire sales process, from taking customers orders to collecting receivables. The application offers full functionality:

Plan customer visits

Effectively organizes the activity of each day, adding client visits to the calendar. They can be used to take an order, collect an invoice or fill out a form. All visits are planned exclusively through SeniorERP and are instantly visible on the mobile application.

Equipment management

Efficiently manage equipment placed in the field and perform various actions on them: reception, output, transfer or inventory.

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Automation of the transactional sales process

Easily add orders, create invoices and make receipts, to end sale cycles on the spot, right at the customer’s headquarters. You can easily view stocks and item prices, you can reserve stocks instantly or automatically apply established commercial policies in relation to customers.
The application supports both presales sales flow, in which the sales agent takes orders from the field and sends them to headquarters to be processed, and vansales, which involve completing the entire sales flow, issuing the invoice and collecting receivables.

Give field employees the information they need at the right time and allow them to gather useful market data. Be closer to your customers with the offered features:

Complete flow of advisory sales

Easily add potential customers, create opportunities and then turn them into sales orders.

Collect marketing data

Define forms and include them in the daily activity of agents. They will take customer feedback and send it to headquarters, where it can be used for various purposes, including planning future campaigns, defining the product mix, setting prices, trade policies and more.

The ability to read barcodes allows you to work quickly and efficiently with goods, to have complete traceability on them and increase accuracy in operations:

Preparing orders in the warehouse

Through picking confirmation. Once the order is confirmed in the ERP system, it automatically arrives in the mobile application, and then the employee responsible for its preparation can start collecting the goods from the warehouse, scanning the barcodes of products.

Receipt of returns

Receipt of returns from customers and their automatic association with sales documents from which they originate.

Delivery of goods to customers

Easily view the deliveries you need to make, including in a delivery schedule setup, to organize your time as efficiently as possible.

Receipt of goods

Goods received from the supplier are assumed by scanning barcodes. Thus, the differences found at the arrival of goods can be easily registered, and based on the entry finding, the afferent NIR can be easily generated.

Inventory of goods in stock

Time allocated to this activity decreases significantly, and the process accuracy increases, because everything is done by scanning the barcodes attached to the goods.

Control and visibility over your activities

Tasks and alerts

Even in the SeniorERP Mobile application, users have the opportunity to create tasks and alerts, thus ensuring that they do not lose sight of anything. Moreover, the sales manager can allocate, from the headquarters, various activities that they can perform in the field.


Filter the data according to desired criteria and quickly view the information that interests you, within the reports offered by SeniorERP Mobile. You have at your disposal situations regarding orders, deliveries, receivables or various accounting reports: balance sheet, sales journal, account statement and more.


The employee on the field can immediately see how he performed in a certain time interval, the activity analysis being performed instantly through dashboards available in SeniorERP Mobile. These dashboards can be easily customized to serve the purpose of each user. Thus, they can be easily analyzed, through intuitive graphs, sales at the level of agent, area, product, customer and more, the tasks performed by each agent, the situation of customer balances and much more.

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