Caranda Baterii streamlines its activity with ERP and BI software systems from Senior Software

erp implementare carandaCaranda Baterii is the second largest manufacturer and distributor of batteries and accumulators in Romania, and in 2012 has recorded a turnover of over 9 million EUR. The company has chosen to implement the integrated software solution consisting of SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI.

“Accurate and quick management decisions cannot be taken in the absence of reports based on real-time data. I tried to buy a supple, easy to use software system, which allows me, as a manager of this company, to design my own managerial reports without having to constantly appeal to a specialists’ team. Also, at Caranda Baterii, where the level of the employees’ computer science training is very different, an intuitive, easy to learn, and accessible system was required.”
Said Mr. Aristide Caranda, Managing Director of Caranda Baterii.

A few of the benefits obtained from the implementation of the ERP system are:

  • The management of the entire manufacturing process
  • The integration of the distribution and manufacturing activities
  • Streamlining the sales process
  • Service activity management, developed through the company’s units, serving clients throughout the country
  • Clear evidence of returned batteries, for which customers receive discounts

Together with the ERP system, the managers from Caranda Baterii have chosen the SeniorVisualBI advanced reporting solution:

“I like SeniorVisualBI because it allows me to build my own report and I don’t need a programmer to do that for me anymore. With the help of the BI system we follow the transfers, receipts and sales detailed on product, vendor or client.”
Added Mrs. Roxana Jeglinschi, Head of IT and Development of Caranda Baterii.