Pangram (Monte Banato) - Streamlining business with the integrated systems suite for business management

Watch the video to find out what benefits were gained by Pangram, manufacturer of the Monte Banato pasta, by implementing the SeniorERP, SeniorVisualBI and SeniorSFA systems

Pangram, producer of Monte Banato pasta, easily overcame challenges, increased control over costs and cash-flow, and gained a faster work speed, simply managing production and distribution resources with ERP, Business Intelligence and SFA, from Senior Software.

What advantages did the company gain?

Among the changes registered by the company, with the support of the SeniorERP, SeniorVisualBI and SeniorSFA systems, are:

Optimizing production costs

Visibility over production costs and variations

Customizable and easy to use reports

Reduction of production plan tracking time by 2 hours/day

Real-time visibility over inventory & product rotation

Effective tracking of the execution and results of promotions

Optimal management of budgets for promotions

Simplified monthly reporting to the group

Real-time access to detailed information

Significant reduction of work time

Elimination of manual & redundant processes

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