The distributor Spy Shop reduced picking times by 80% and obtained full traceability in it's 4 warehouses

Discover from the video all the benefits obtained by Spy Shop, the online market leader in the distribution of security equipment, with WMS – multilingual, flexible and customizable system dedicated to warehouse management!


The company’s challenges before using the WMS software

Before implementing the WMS software solution, Spy Shop, a company that deals with the online distribution of security, surveillance and monitoring equipment, encountered a series of challenges that significantly affected its activity and relationship with clients.

More precisely, before the partnership with Senior Software, the company from Timisoara faced the following situations:

Lack of stock accuracy in all 4 warehouses

The occurrence of human errors in the processing of orders

Too much time wasted for searching and preparing the products

The orders could not all be delivered on the same day

Customers were displeased, and the return rate was high

Training the new operators was difficult and took several months

sistem wms pentru depozit utilizat cu succes de spy shop

The benefits obtained by the company after the implementation of the WMS software:

Optimizing spaces and picking routes

Reduction of picking times by up to 80%

Considerable decrease of errors in order processing

60% improvement in stock accuracy

40% reduction in order processing time

Decreasing the return rate by about 40%

Strategic storage to increase efficiency

Full visibility and complete control over operations

Training new employees in just a few days

Increased productivity among employees

Improvement of customer relations and increased sales

Full traceability and orders processed quickly

The list of improvements brought by the WMS from Senior Software is very long. The system allows you to track products, chooses the most efficient route for pickers, improves stock accuracy, increases order processing speed and the list goes on. With this WMS software, the entry of a new person in the warehouse is done in a maximum of 5 days compared to several months.

In retrospect, we came to the conclusion that the solution offered by Senior Software was the best option and, thus, helped us become number 1 in Romania in the security segment. In the century in which a digitized company is one oriented towards the future, you can’t help but see the value of a warehouse management system.

Florin Maritescu, CEO - Spy Shop

About Spy Shop

Based in Timisoara and with an experience of over 15 years in the field, the security equipment distributor Spy Shop registers a turnover of 20 million euros. The company’s portfolio includes a varied range of products, from equipment for video surveillance or access control, to alarms, photo-voltaic systems and smart home products, which are sold through the online store. The distributor has 4 warehouses with a total area of ​​5000 square meters and a permanent stock of 5 million euros.

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