VIDEO Case Study – The manufacturer and distributor of Torockoi cheese: “We can do more in a shorter amount of  time, with accurate data. A+!”

Binal Mob – the manufacturer of the Torockoi brand, which processes more than 15 000 liters of milk daily, has simplified all factory operations and field sales activities since using Senior Software’s software solutions suite.

Using ERPfor resource management, BIfor data analyses and SFAfor sales agents, the manufacturer form the Alba county has discovered how to optimize production and distribution, how to adjust its strategy for a growing company and how to improve business relationships with its over 500 partners.

Some of the benefits gained by Binal Mob thanks to the ERP, SFA and BI suites:

Full traceability of products
Visibility of costs and revenue
Removal of repetitive operations and reduced number of errors
Increased speed and accuracy in data processing
Detailed reports and analyses, based on relevant and accurate data
Adjustment of production processes according to market requirements
Significantly fewer returns
More efficient sales and budget plans
Improved supplier and customer relationships

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