Choose the integrated software systems for the management of your entire business, from when orders are placed and until products are shipped

On a very dynamic market, where cost has great influence and client preferences are always changing, distributors have to be always prepared to face challenges, maintaining profitability and offering quality services.

Integrated software offers control over their activities, it helps them automate routine operations and gain visibility over the whole supply chain. Thus, hey can permanently adjust sales strategies and even reduce costs, without lowering the quality of given services.

Systems dedicated to managing distribution operations

  • Accounting tasks automation
  • Easier workflows
  • Automatic document generation
  • Integrated information, accessible in real time
  • SeniorERP Mobile — web application for customer relationship management
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  • Business indicators and analysis available anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time charts and interactive reports
  • Remotely identifying problems and solutions
  • Remote monitoring and control of the sales reps
  • Automatic transmission of on-site information
  • Reduced order process time
  • 24/7 available sales channel
  • Secure online payments
  • Prices, stocks and orders in real time
  • Operations automation
  • Picking optimization
  • Complete traceability, from reception to delivery
  • Workflow reorganization
  • Inventory planning time reduced up to 80%
  • Supply processes automation
  • Multi-location planning
  • Automatic route planning
  • Automatic sending of transport routes
  • Reduced planning and delivery times

What benefits do you gain with the integrated solutions for distribution management?

Increased resupply accuracy
Fewer excess stocks
Lower shipping costs and time
Fewer uncollected debts
Faster order processing
Improved communications with suppliers and clients
Increased employee productivity
Fast access to data regarding stocks and clients

What our clients say:

See how you can manage your entire distribution operations with the help of software solutions!