ERP for Distribution

In order to be as productive as possible, Distributors must be able to constantly adjust and optimize internal workflows to maintain their profitability in the context of a competitive and changing market. The implementation of a state-of-the-art ERP system with integrated good practice and know-how accumulated following hundreds of deployments in distribution companies will help achieve this goal.

The are some of the challenges that Distributers have to address daily:

erp distributie sistem erp pentru distribuitori

Successfully satisfying the ever-changing customer demands

erp distributie sistem erp pentru distribuitori

Effective management of large and diversified product stocks

erp distributie sistem erp pentru distribuitori

Monitoring profitability given the rising costs and falling prices

erp distributie sistem erp pentru distribuitori

Timely approach to changes in the logistics chain

The ERP for Distribution solution automates the entire sales cycle, from receiving the order from the customer to delivery. In addition:

Ensures efficient inventory management

So you will always have the right item for sale, in the right amount, at the right time, in the right place and at the right price

Instantly provides accurate financial information

With regard to prices, sales, receipts, credit limits and many more, so you can take the most appropriate business decisions in a timely manner

Helps you provide quality services to your clients

By delivering products on-time, providing up-to-date information on prices and stocks and knowing their preferences in detail

Simplifies the internal processes of the organization

Because you have all the information available in the same location safe and you can set, manage and monitor workflows with clear and well defined steps

SeniorERP provides you with real-time data about sales orders, price lists, deliveries, invoices, receipts, stocks and more, so you can quickly identify and resolve any situation in your distribution activity

Integrates financial, sales, acquisition, and stock management features

Provides search options to source documents or to the lowest level of detail

It allows you to find in real-time the availability of stocks in any warehouse or location

Manage detailed information about batches, expiration dates, and expiration dates

Provides details about every customer’s history: orders, deliveries, payments and balances

What SeniorERP clients say:

We chose Senior Software because it offers a complete solution that covers all the workflow within the company, it is perfectly adapted to our field of activity – distribution – and last but not least is accompanied by a team of consultants with vast experience

Bogdan Perticas, Import Manager Ipercomp Exim - importer and distributor of auto pieces, accessories and chemicals nationwide

The implementation of the integrated solutions from Senior Software has had positive consequences in the work of every employee of Lumy Tools and has made us certain that the work is well done. With the help of these solutions we have been able to get more time to interpret the results and make the right decisions

Moisa Gheorghe, Lumy Tools Commercial Director - among the top 5 strongest local players in the field of tool distribution

The specific functionalities for the distribution activity and the positive references in the market have led us to choose the SeniorERP system. We still want an organic business development and it is absolutely necessary that the IT solutions we use keep up with the development of the company and especially with the general development of the industry

Florin Madar, CEO Temad Co. - a leading national distributor of auxiliary construction products

See how SeniorERP suits your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers the needs of all the people from every department, from human and financial resources to acquisitions,
B2B sales or logistics

Choose SeniorERP integrated with:

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