ERP for service companies

When it comes to the service sector, success is about how you can attract and retain customers , while ensuring that the activities you perform are profitable. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you are better than your competitors in terms of customer relationship management and project deadlines . These can be obtained with an ERP system that’s capable of providing you with a complete overview of the client’s activities, requirements and projects. The ERP system that we offer integrates the financial and customer management component, which adds cost tracking capabilities , automation of service and time management, making it the perfect solution for service companies.

Here are some of the challenges that companies from the service sector need to face:

erp servicii sistem erp pentru servicii

Maintaining an excellent relationship with existing clients while signing new contracts

erp servicii sistem erp pentru servicii

Increasing customer’s demand for expanding the service offerings

erp servicii sistem erp pentru servicii

Ensuring customer’s loyalty and receiving references by delivering on time and budget

erp servicii sistem erp pentru servicii

Providing competitive prices while maintaining profitability

The ERP for Services system automates sales, marketing
and service processes, while ensuring:

You have visibility and control over your relationship with clients, as well as over the tasks, activities and expenses associated with the projects

Automates operations such as invoice issuance, receivables tracking and communication with clients

Keeps your customers satisfied and your employeess productive

You have access to critical information on financial data and can use resources involved in the project

With SeniorERP you can discover the problems in time, prevent delays and increased costs, while ensuring interactions of the highest quality with your customers

For simple service activities

The ERP system provides easy ordering and billing processes, as well as workflows that integrate customers, accounting information and financial reporting.

For service companies that work with projects

The ERP system manages budget management operations, calendars, billing, profitability analysis, and reporting for every project.

For service companies that provide customer support

The ERP system effectively manages service-based activities, including ticket voucher management and contract management.

For the service companies that offer

Repairs, maintenance and manage collateral and / or billable parts that require storage, the system manages acquisition, storage, and billing.

What SeniorERP clients say:

The only way a medium sized company such as Ati Barba can survive is by having a reliable software that protects our information, alerts us when something is wrong, provides us with account records’ security and an overview of business, and the integrated solution from Senior Software fulfils these conditions.

Ludovic Barta, General Manager Barta Ati - important distributor and retailer of beverages, cigarettes, sweets and coffee from Satu Mare

When the old accounting program failed to meet our requirements, we began to look for more efficient solutions in terms of data operations and exploitation. The presentation that has been made professionally by Senior Software has convinced us that SeniorERP will solve many of the problems we face

Jecu Cristian, General Manager Interada

See how SeniorERP fits your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers the needs of people from every department, from human and financial resources to sales, project management and customer support

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