Lumy Tools, a national distributor of construction tools, manages its business with Senior Software solutions

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With a turnover of approximately EUR 9.6 million in 2014, Lumy Tools – the national distributor of construction tools, implemented ERP, SFA and Business Intelligence solutions from Senior Software. The company distributes around 1,800 products both through networks of super and hypermarkets, as well as through traditional retail – DIY (do-it-yourself) stores, department stores and construction materials warehouses.

“With our workload increasing, we wanted to have more stability and safety in terms of corporate data. The implementation of Senior Software’s integrated solutions had positive consequences reflected by the work of each Lumy Tools’ employee, and definitely gave us the satisfaction of a job well done. With their help we managed to get more time interpreting the results and making the right decisions.”

Said Mr. Moisa Gheorghe, Lumy Tools Comercial Manager.

By using the SeniorERP solution, Lumy Tools manages all activities in an integrated manner, while enjoying optimized and automated operational processes, along with increased employee productivity. Moreover, the sales channels are now integrated thanks to the EDI solutions – to automate communication with large retail chains, and SeniorSFA for managing the activities of sales agents.

The company also reduced the time of sale with the SFA solution, providing the agents with access directly from the mobile device to data about inventory, characteristics of goods, prices and much more.

Along with SeniorERP and SeniorSFA, Lumy tools managers also implemented SeniorVisualBI – the Business Intelligence system developed on the Tableau Software platform, a global leader in data visualization. This way, managers can track sales trends on articles, salespeople, customers, and other indicators relevant to the distribution activity.

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