Medica M3 implemented SeniorERP, SeniorSFA and SeniorVisualBI


Medica M3 imports and distributes a wide range of consumables, instruments and dental equipment for both dental offices, and dental laboratories. The company implemented the ERP, SFA and Business Intelligence solutions from Senior Software, in order to improve the collaboration with its suppliers and customers and to increase the accuracy of the decision making process.

seniorerp medica m3

“We decided we needed an integrated business managament solution when the quantity and complexity of our data had reached a level that could not be managed without an integrated software solution. After conducting a thorough analysis procedure of the offers on the market, we appointed Senior Software as being the bidder closest to our needs, offering a good value for price, a high flexibility and the ability to better manage and analyze the information useful to the company.”
Said Mr. Mihai Maxim, Marketing Manager Medica M3.

The implementation of the ERP system favored the automation of processes related to document generation, implementation of well-defined workflows for acquisition, sales and distribution activities, a clear definition of trade policies in dealing with suppliers and customers and not only. Its integration with SeniorSFA allowed the automated transmission of orders taken by field sales agents directly to ERP, which resulted in reduced delivery time.

All data in ERP and SFA can now be analyzed with SeniorVisualBI. With the BI system managers follow a wide range of relevant indicators for the company, such as: cash flow, net sales, trade margins, profit, value and quantity of acquisitions or partners balances.

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