Parmafood lowered budget planning times by 50%, using the SeniorCPM system

Parmafood reduced the time required for budget planning and financial reporting operations by half, using the SeniorCPM suite from Senior Software.

parmafood-logo-articolParmafood Group Distribution stopped using outdated apps such as Excel and completely automated its budget planning process. With the CPM system for performance management from Senior Software, the distributor from Bucharest lowered budget planning and report generation time requirements by 50%.

Following a succesful 10 year collaboration, Parmafood’s managers decided to extend the deal, being in need of a more efficient way to track monthly profit & loss reports per division/brand/product and to accurately create sales and expenditure budgets on product and client levels.

“Among the benefits gained after implementing the SeniorCPM system, we find: first of all, the Excel files have been replaced; time allocated for budget organizing and consolidation was lowered by 50%; increased control over expenditures, for each employee responible for budgets; the ability to track the evolution of profit margins in real-time on product level and the lowering of the time required to generate managerial reports.

- Explained Adrian Cainamisir, Director of Operations for Parmafood

Also, by implementing the CPM suite, Parmafood now benefits from important functionalities, such as:

  • Automatic generation of monthly sales and expenditures budget on product and client levels
  • Automatic calculation and tracking of the profitability report on article level
  • The estimation of cost types from discount invoices
  • Correlation of bill estimates for supplier suport and client discounts with bills that later arrive in the system
  • Calculating and tracking of the Profit & Loss report, including received and granted discount estimates
  • The ability to distinctly track all revenue and expenditures on Key Accounts, Horeca and Retail, down to SKU and partner levels
  • Detailing and monitoring of expenditures (classification – direct, indirect; sorting based on SKU and partner; mapping in the expenditure budget; tracking of current expenditures vs. budgeted ones)
  • Allocation of services bills on cost centres
  • Allocation of logistical expenditures per article, based on the type of shipping activity
  • The issuing of profitability reports, from SKU and up to contribution margin levels
  • An advanced system for defining and managing promotions and offers from the acquistions and sales processes

In addition to SeniorCPM, Parmafood uses the ERP and SFA systems from Senior Software, the three suites delivering the complete vision over the company, which the managers needed in order to make the best business decisions.

“Senior Software, with whom we’ve started our collaboration 10 years ago, proved that it’s the ideal partner for distribution businesses, because they pay extra attention to the process of finding the right correlations needed in order to streamline business operations.”

- Declared Eugen Savu, CEO for Parmafood

About Parmafood Group Distribution

Parmafood is one of the key players on the Romanian food & drinks distribution market, with over 3000 products in its catalogue, from 120 internationally famous brands, such as: Santal, Twinings, Tabasco, De Cecco, Mutti, Mazza, Pietro Coricelli, Bonomi, etc.
The company covers all national distribution segments: K.A., HoReCa and Traditional Retail, and the products are tareted to restaurants and pizzaerias, clubs/bars and international cuisine.