The maker of the “Telemea de Ibanesti” brand is modernizing its factory, by using Senior Software’s systems

The cheese producer Mirdatod Prod has managed to improve the processes from its factory by implementing the SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI suites. The maker of the “Telemea de Ibanesti” brand manages its resources more efficiently and quickly obtains reports and financial analyses.

mirdatod-prod-logo-small engMirdatod Prod invested in modern software systems in order to have a more efficient and better documented workflow in the factory from Ibanesti, in the Mures county. Today, the cheese producer is successfully using the integrated ERP and BI suites from Senior Software, with which it gained accuracy and speed in the production process.

“We have chosen to work with Senior Software based on 3 criteria: their history of implementations, their market referrals and the provider’s professionalism. Now, thanks to Senior Software’s suites, required information is gained with much more ease.”

- declared David Todoran, shareholder for Mirdatod Prod.

The company’s consant growth and the plans to expand the factory called for the automation of the planning, reporting and analysis activities. The investment consisted in replacing the old software with a package of flexible and easy to use suites, meant to help both the current activities as well as the future workflow that will come with the development of the business.

In order to efficiently run a constantly growing business, we needed information, which was hard to gather with the old software, an important amount of work being required in order to centralize data. We were also planning to open a new work point, a goal which is achievable through the usage of software capable of managing all issues that may come with this expansion. This being said, I think that purchasing the ERP and BI package is extremely useful for production companies.

– added Mircea Todoran, shareholder for Mirdatod Prod.

The benefits brought by SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI

The SeniorERP system integrates factory operations, finances & accounting and stock management. The software’s users can thus easily do the following:

  • Fully manage production – from raw materials to the final product
  • Provide the raw materials requirements for the production process
  • Follow financial data and gain control over costs

The SeniorVisualBI suite helps improve the decision making process by allowing reports and analyses to be generated based off of relevant and precise data that can be accessed in real-time. Thus, without needing support from the technical staff, employees can quickly and correctly make: graphs, forecasts, simulations, KPI analyses, dashboards.
Thanks to the integration, the reporting, analysis and resource management systems offer a single version of the truth and fast access to information. Thus, the activity is streamlined through the lowering of errors and the time required to input/collect and analyse data.

About Mirdatod Prod

Mirdatod Prod is the only cheese producer in Romania that is PDO (Protected designation of origin) attested at European level, thanks to the “Telemea de Ibanesti” product. The producer owns a factory in Ibanesti, with around 150 employees.

With a revenue of 8,4 million euro and over 25 years of experience, the company’s catalogue includes 50 types of cheese and other dairy products (cheese, bell cheese, urnet, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter). The milk used comes from the mountainous area of the Mures county, and the products are introduced on the market through shop networks and other distribution channels.