Pro Activ Interview: Control and visibility in distribution, with remotely implemented software

Interview with Alin Ionescu, Executive Director Pro Activ – Distributor of construction materials, solutions & professional systems

Pro Activ is the first company in the Senior Software portfolio to benefit from a 100% remote software implementation, thus respecting the restrictions imposed by the authorities.


With a turnover of 13 million euros and over 400 customers, Pro Activ is a distributor of construction materials that cover the needs of real estate developers and construction companies in the South-East area, with regional relevance in Romania. The company has implemented the following systems for business process automation and management:

More details about how the remote implementation went and about the benefits of automation are told to us by Alin Ionescu, the Executive Director of S.C. Pro Activ.

1. What challenges did you face in the company that led to the need for business management systems?

Alin Ionescu: I believe that you cannot make the qualitative leap, especially in the area of capacity development at the individual level, if you do not have the necessary weapons, if you do not have what to build sustainably. Which is why, when I joined the Pro Activ team, I started to focus more on the quality side.

Until running the program from Senior Software, I did not have visibility in the actions I undertook. We did not have high-performance tools that would tell us exactly where we were and what to calibrate so that we could move towards our set goals. Specifically, I’m talking here from the point of view of KPI, monitoring at the level of function, individual, department.

2. How did you come to the decision to collaborate with Senior Software and why did you choose the ERP, BI and HR systems?

Alin Ionescu: I’ve had meetings with 6 software providers and, in the end, chose to collaborate with Senior Software. The involvement, availability and know-how of the Senior Software team contributed a lot to our decision. They had a complete offer, that met the expectations we had from a software provider and fitted perfectly according to our business needs.

3. How did the remote implementation go, as well as the collaboration, with the Senior Software team?

Alin Ionescu: The people from the Senior Software team gave us confidence, balance. They understood and identified the needs of each department and each individual. We talked and found the best solutions and we can say that we consider them part of the Pro Activ team.

It is clear that Senior Software has all the tools necessary to achieve a remote implementation, including know-how, a team of very well trained, professional and dedicated people, who do make a difference.

We are extremely pleased with the choice made, and the fact that the implementation was done remotely did not hinder in any way the communication between Pro Activ and Senior Software. Of course, physical presence can help in terms of comfort, knowing that you can rely physically on someone. But, even if the Senior Software team is not physically present, it’s as if they are here, we can rely on them without any problem. We have no barrier or syncope and I want to maintain this.

4. Did you use additional internal resources for this implementation?

Alin Ionescu: We have allocated additional resources, but not many, and this is not related to the remote implementation method. In this case, we took into account the eventuality of some external factors that you cannot anticipate. We had to somehow reorganize ourselves internally, so that if a team becomes unavailable, we can intervene at any time with another team that is ready to resume activity.

5. What changes have you noticed and what results do you expect to achieve from this implementation?

Alin Ionescu: Area control is essential, and the software helped us have control from end to end. We no longer have the vulnerabilities we had before, with the old software and, for me, this is great because I can focus 100% on the business agenda. I found the tool that gives me this peace of mind, in terms of control. Other results that we noticed are related to traceability and business security. Clearly it is a very good solution.

Next, I expect to gain in terms of profitability. Regarding the impact of the solutions implemented for HR and for the connection of the operations from the 6 departments, I expect professional growth from the employees, superior net efficiency and a higher profitability.

I’m saying this because the software we implement will help us think more efficiently and do better data analysis, with all our information integrated. Thus, we will have many of the answers which we didn’t have in past, but we could only assume sometimes or interpret them differently depending on the angle from which each one is viewed. We will have improved business decisions, based on clear data.


6. How do you adapt to market changes and how important do you consider automation solutions to be in the current economic context?

Alin Ionescu: Software solutions are vital for adapting to market dynamics. In addition to sales in the B2B area, we also serve a category of individual customers through our online store – As a consequence, we want to integrate the website as soon as possible, in order to obtain a good visibility in the communication of solutions of Pro Activ professionals and in the online sales channel, of course, “taking advantage” of the solutions offered by the Senior Software partner.

It is clear that automation solutions have an important say in this whole process. You can’t make the qualitative leap in business if you don’t have the necessary weapons, and Senior Software for Pro Activ is the weapon we needed, in order to make a difference between us and the other competitors on the market. It is the complete tool and identifies with our “DNA”. Go-live, for us, was the day we entered another stage, another level.

7. Do you recommend this way of implementation to other companies as well?

Alin Ionescu: I recommend, without any hesitation, this type of remote software implementation. The only amendment I want to emphasize is that this process is conditioned by three important criteria: the openness of the partner, the firm message towards the organization that the partner sends through its own management. With a qualitative motivational management results the desire of the organization to implement, using this method of remote implementation.

For this reason, even if Senior Software has the know-how and all the tools necessary to implement remotely and do an extraordinary job, the opening of the partner is essential in this whole process. My colleagues and I are a few days away from Go Live and I can say that we do not have any barrier or syncope in communicating and respecting the implementation agenda.

About Pro Activ

Pro Activ has its company headquarters in Dambovita and 19 years of experience on the market. As a construction materials distributor, it has 6 departments with 57 employees and 400 customers served monthly through its own distribution fleet. With a turnover of 13 million euros, the company covers both the requests of developers and construction companies in the South-East area with Regional relevance in Romania, but also through individual requests,on the online store: