Senior Software announces the availability of Logistic Vision Suite from Mantis


Senior Software expands its partenership with Mantis Informatics, a leading supplier of extended supply chain software solutions in South Eastern Europe and introduces Logistic Vision Suite (LVS) in its own portfolio – a suite of solutions that integrate a variety of software tools and components for execution and control within the supply chain.

sigla senior software“In the last years the local market has matured with an accelerated rate, and the competition is fierce and present in all areas. In the context of increased competition, profit margins are affected and companies are forced to find new ways to reduce operating costs, without damaging the relationships with their customers. As part of Senior Software strategy, we decided to expand the partnership with Mantis in order to provide Romanian companies with new software tools to optimize and reduce operational costs. Logistic Vision Suite is based on know-how gained in over 600 implementations worldwide, and offers managers efficient workflows, market validated, assuring them an added advantage over the competition.”
Daniel Toma, Senior Software General Manager.

“Mantis, with a presence of over 10 years on the Romanian market, is the leader in the field of state-of-the-art WMS in the country and our Romanian branch proves our commitment in this strategic market. We know that a successful presence in a country means knowing in-depth the needs and the particularities of a specific market. In order to strengthen our position we chose Senior Software as our partner in Romania, due to its great experience and long history. Through the Logistic Vision Suite, Senior Software`s customers will have access to a best-of-breed SCM solution and will benefit from a high-performance platform, that easily adapts to the needs of every company.”
Faidon Daskopoulos, Mantis International Director.

Being at its 3rd generation, Logistic Vision Suite is the result of an over 8 million euros investment and 18 years of research in the logistics field and it integrates technologies like bar code reading, radio frequencies and material handling (Pick-by-light and Pick-by-voice).

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