Senior Software Launches the English Version of SeniorERP and Prepares to go Abroad


erp enterprise resource planningSenior Software makes the first step in preparing SeniorERP for export by launching the English version of its system. The decision came as a result of the ERP growing popularity among the subsidiaries of multinational companies from Senior Software`s portfolio and their request to use the system in local offices from other European countries. The features specialized on vertical markets, the use of latest generation technology and, last but not least, the increased performance of the ERP system have determined by now 23 multinationals to choose Senior Software for their branches in Romania.

“The ability to react to the demands of the market ahead of the competition, regardless if it is a local or international market, allows you to keep on top in a highly dynamic economic climate. This is a fact especially in the case of a multinational, where the availability and accuracy of the information on which decisions are taken are having a major impact on the local branches, the employees and the company’s indicators in general. Therefore a clear, correct and fast communication between branches and the parent company is important. Due to the popularity of our systems among multinational companies, we decided to get the SeniorERP solution ready for export, in the first phase by delivering it in English. This way, we want to offer new opportunities for our clients, by providing a robust, but flexible ERP platform, which is available abroad.”
Said Lori Haiducescu, Director of Operations of Senior Software.

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