SeniorSFA is available in a new version that uses a revolutionary technology for image recognition


Senior Software launches a new version of the SFA solution, a system created for the automation of field sales teams’ activities. A major change in the SeniorSFA 4.8 version is the usage of Trax, a new digital image recognition technology on the Romanian market.

SeniorSFA is a solution created for the automation and optimization of sales teams’ activities, and the new version is now available on Windows 10 using an innovative technology called Trax.  This technology ensures a clearer and more reliable recognition of digital images, and helps sales teams understand in real time how products are performing in the market.

senior software versiune noua sfa

Trax technology uses advanced image recognition algorithms and automatically identifies any brand, sub-brand and SKU level product. This way, sales teams can upload images directly from the shelf, and the application automatically analyzes them and generates the necessary corrective measures. Also, sales managers can create complex reports and analysis based on field information, improving product shelf placement.

The new version of the SeniorSFA solution along with its integrated Trax technology reinforce our business automation software systems and represents a step further in our objective to deliver the best solutions for distribution and manufacturing companies in Romania,

said Mr. Lori Haiducescu, Operations Manager at Senior Software.

The most important benefits of the new SFA solution include:

  • Elevated accessibility – compatibility with the Windows operating system;
  • Efficient work routes – templates and interactive maps that allow scheduling regular visits;
  • Improved workflows – all urgent tasks available in a single dashboard;
  • Better user experience for sales managers – redesigned web console;
  • Improved internal activity planning – new functionalities for managing non-client activities.

SeniorSFA 4.8 is a solution for managing activities of the mobile sales force, connecting the customer, the field employee and the company. The system interface is optimized for each type of mobile device offering productivity, mobility and efficiency to sales representatives.