Atma Grup automated its sales request and reporting processes using our software suites

Atma Grup, a distributor of cutting tools and industrial consumables, has replaced its old programs with a unique package of software suites for resource planning and improving their reporting and analysis processes.

Atma logo ERPAtma Grup, a national distributor of cutting tools and industrial consumables, is managing its resources and business processes with more ease, thanks to Senior Software’s integrated ERP and BI suites. The Timisoara-based company has chosen this unique software package in order to obtain a significantly more efficient and better documented workflow, starting with client prospecting and ending with order delivery.

With the help of Senior Software’s ERP and BI systems, Atma Grup’ sales request process has been automated, thus improving the company’s client relationships. More so, integrating the supplying and inventory processes with the ERP suite, along with the accounting and financial activities, has allowed the streamlining of both internal and commercial activities, lowering work times and the risk of human error.

Senior Software’s systems are much more flexible than the old software that we used. The ERP suite shows superior functionalities and allows the integration of a larger array of activities, such as sales requesting, emailing and reporting, communicating through tasks, etc. Thanks to the system being adapted to our own work flow, we started using the bidding module, we managed to include our supplying policies in the respective module’s grids, we’ve adapted all reports per our needs and we also started to keep our accounting in the same ERP.

declared Tiberius Eva, CEO of Atma Grup

With the SeniorVisualBI suite, all of the company’s data and information are unified into a common database. Thus, the system can generate detailed reports and analyses, that can be customized per the operator’s specific needs. They can include data about the evolution of sales, client characteristics and other key information which can help improve the decision making process.

The decision to collaborate with Senior Software was made because Atma Grup’s officials wanted to replace the older software that was used, since it was starting to show its limitations and it couldn’t operate all of the company’s complex processes. Thus, they opted for customizable and scalable software systems, capable of being molded to any business’ specificities.

Our old ERP provider stopped all development and support activities for the program, and the BI software that we used didn’t take into account all the information we needed, which provided us with incomplete results. So, based on a presentation, a recommendation and the price-quality ratio, we decided to implement Senior Software’s solutions and we can say that we are happy with the choice we made.

concluded the CEO of Atma Grup.

About Atma Grup

Founded in 1999, Atma Grup is a Romanian business, with its main office in Timisoara. The company supplies cutting tools and industrial consumables, which are imported from producers in different countries, such as the Czech Republic, Japan, Germany, etc. Their product catalogue includes: taps, drills, milling cutters, removable metal carbide taps for metal milling and turning, adhesives and sealants for engineering applications, etc. The distributor’s products are being sold to manufacturers of small, medium and large sizes, from the, but not exclusive to, general mechanics, matrices and automotive sectors.