Case Study REGINA MARIA Healthcare Network

REGINA MARIA manages HR analysis and budgeting processes with Senior Software’s solution

The solution enables us to have a better control over salary costs and budgeted positions, to work with multiple budget versions, to communicate easily with managers, with the Controlling Department and to increase the performance of our HR managers. All information may be seen in a structured manner, such as position, division, department, cost center, month / year or expenditure. For us, the most significant aspect is that the software, because of the way it was designed, allows us to take a unified approach to all salary costs.

Irina Somanescu, HR Director – REGINA MARIA Healthcare Network

The implementation of HR Analysis and Budgeting system within the private health network “Regina Maria”


Industry: private medical services
Activity: services
Employees and collaborators: over 7,500
Turnover: 237 million euros / 2020
Market expansion: over 200 locations in Romania

General presentation of the project:

Division: CPM
Implemented solution: System for HR performance management
Company: REGINA MARIA Private Health Network
Solution components: HR Budgeting, HR Performance and HR Analytics
Replaced solution: Excel
Project purpose: Automation of budgeting processes, optimal analysis of HR indicators and integrated management of HR performance.

Implementarea solutiei de Analiza si Bugetare HR regina maria studiu de caz

HR department challenges prior to implementation:

Increased effort for amount check-ups and validations

Long, non-automated process

Difficulties in doing KPI analyses and budget reports

Too many required resources for data aggregation

Errors in preparing salary budgets

Difficulties with internal collaboration and access to centralized information

Lack of real-time access to human resource costs and performance

Increased effort for data accuracy and budget control

Objectives pursued after the implementation:

Implementing an effective HR performance management system

Simplifying HR analysis and budgeting operations

Optimizing time for budgeting processes and HR analysis

Assuring a higher level of data accuracy

Improving internal communication and collaboration

Easy access to data of interest for the HR department

Control and visibility on HR costs and budgetary

The HR budget was initiated by the Department of Human Resources in the last month of the year, by exporting the existing salary costs up to that point, being a laborious process of dividing costs at the level of employees and location. Following initialization, each location and division manager worked on the salary budget using an Excel spreadsheet model.

Once the budget editing was completed, a file was saved for each version of the budget, validated following the revisions in the budget flow. Aggregating budget data was a time-consuming process, as final data checks and validations were done by phone or email. At the same time, the KPI managerial analyzes were performed in Excel by punctual processing of each file and of each key performance indicator. Monthly checks and validations required a lot of time and attention.

Go Live: October 2018

The implemented budgeting process is customized according to business needs and the system interface is intuitive. The software allows us to budget the positions in the structure and the related salary expenses, giving us the possibility to view all the information in a structured manner, at the level of position, division, department, cost center, month / year or expense. The costs are calculated automatically based on formulas introduced in the application, which facilitates the work of all users.

Irina Somanescu, HR Director – REGINA MARIA Healthcare Network

The system gave managers more control over budgets and allows them to track closely the goal achievements, which has resulted in a significant increase in the organization’s revenue over the last 3 years.

Excel spreadsheets have been replaced and the HR budget is based on a pre-existing situation in the Analytical & Budgeting System. Currently, each manager operates the budget, and the aggregation of data at the department, division and company level is done natively. Access to budget-related information occurs in a very short period of time and budget revisions are very simple to manage and track.

Employee costs are integrated very quickly in the financial report of P&L (Profit & Loss) of each location, by cost categories, depending on the position occupied by the employee (doctor, nurse, collaborator, non-doctor). In order to support the collaboration, the employees have access to the chat and can use functions like report distribution and automatic e-mails. Furthermore, the platform can be accessed from anywhere, encouraging remote work.

The transition to a software that allows us to automate these steps required by budgeting processes was an important leap for us. The CPM solution has significantly contributed to streamlining the process by avoiding calculation errors and shortening the time allocated before centralizing data at the Group level, of the analyzes and of all the stages required to obtain the final budget version.

Irina Somanescu, HR Director – REGINA MARIA Healthcare Network

The most important changes registered after the implementation:

Simplified management of changes regarding human resources and personnel costs

Error elimination

In-time delivery of management reports in the HR analysis sector

Full control over staff expenses for each polyclinic, hospital, laboratory and imaging manager

Real-time tracking of fixed and variable costs depending on level of employment

Automated calculations and centralized tracking of employee costs by division and location

Estimation of cost types associated with future positions in the company’s organizational chart

Users with a mobile work location can adhere to a strict time table for the budgeting process

Legislative changes are simple to comply with

Calculation and monitoring of net and gross costs for companies, divisions, and locations are centralized

Achievement of a precise forecasts in a short period of time

Fast stabilization of the best action plans, as well as their inclusion in the subsequent budget

In terms of data accuracy, operating errors have decreased considerably, thanks to the option of implementing some conditions and limiting the level of operation, which has resulted in a better control of the process.
Furthermore, the fact that the platform can be accessed from anywhere, with an Internet connection, is an advantage, particularly for those who have a mobile work location and must adhere to a strict calendar during the budgeting process.

Irina Somanescu, HR Director – REGINA MARIA Healthcare Network

KPI Analysis & Interactive Dashboards:

With the HR performance management system, managerial analyzes are available in a series of intuitive dashboards where values, evolution or variations in key performance indicators (KPI) are tracked. With the assistance of the operator system, an analysis of two categories of indicators, respectively qualitative KPIs and quantitative KPIs, is performed:

Quantitative KPI managerial analysis

HC level (Headcount), FTE (Full-Time Employee), Salary level and seniority at work, provision balance for CO (Rest leave), financial impact on contractual changes, seniority in work within the group.

Qualitative KPI managerial analysis

contractual change categories, recruitment process analysis, employee satisfaction level, annual evaluation response rate, induction course participation, performance management flow stages.

sistem software bugetare si raportare business intelligence

Time savings:

Since using the Senior Software solution, the private healthcare provider REGINA MARIA has saved significant time on all procedures. To be more specific, platform users are now allotting up to 50% less time for the following processes:

Maintaining data accuracy

Data import

Analysis on multiple budget versions

Analysis on budgeted costs vs. realized costs

Transfer of budgeted positions