The distributor Spy Shop reduced picking times by 80% and quickly develops effective sales strategies

Discover from the video all the benefits obtained by Spy Shop, the online market leader in the distribution of security equipment, with Senior Software systems!

Spy Shop, distributor of security, surveillance and monitoring equipment, successfully uses SeniorERP system – ERP software for resource management and WMS – software for warehouse management.

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Spy Shop challenges before using the systems from Senior Software

The company from Timisoara started the collaboration with Senior Software in 2020, with the goal of optimizing work processes and managing all business areas in an integrated manner. Being a business in full ascension, the distributor decided to implement ERP and WMS software to track orders in a centralized manner and achieve efficient management of the 4 warehouses.

Before the partnership with Senior Software, Spy Shop managers used several non-integrated applications that caused differences between accounting and the operational area. At the same time, the supplier did not have a very clear picture of the customer profile, of the profit margins on certain group of products and product categories and couldn’t even control 100% the evolution of the business.

In the logistics area, the distributor did not have a system that could ensure precise tracking of the products and wasted a lot of time identifying the products in the warehouse. In addition to the long time provided for order processing, the company also faces difficulties caused by: the lack of stock accuracy, the long training periods required for new employees and many more.

utilizarea solutiilor Senior Software erp romania si wms de compania spy shop

The benefits obtained by the company with ERP and WMS systems

More effective strategies based on detailed analysis (sales, profit, customers, etc.)

Optimal processing of data regarding orders and customers through ERP integration with the online store

Processing orders on the same day they were placed

Optimization of the warehouse routes and reducing picking times by up to 80%

40% decreasing of the time dedicated to processing orders from customers

Improvement by 60% of the accuracy of stocks in the company’s 4 warehouses

Much faster training of new employees from the warehouse, in maximum 5 days

The decrease in the return rate by 40% as a result of fast and correct processing of the orders

Improvement of customer relations and employee productivity

End-to-end visibility and full control over the business

Software solutions perfectly adapted to business needs

After the implementation, things are much clearer, we know what each customer segment buys, we know where we are profitable and, thus, we can determine the product categories and the key products in which to invest in the future.

With the implementation of SeniorERP and WMS solutions, the relationship with clients improved. So far, the collaboration with Senior Software is a very good one, we had a lot of assistance from the support team and, if things go in the same direction, I see a bright future for both companies.

In retrospect, we came to the conclusion that the systems offered by Senior Software were the best option and, thus, helped us become number 1 in Romania in the security segment. At the same time, the partnership between our companies helped the software provider to strengthen its position on the Timisoara market.

Florin Maritescu, CEO - Spy Shop

About Spy Shop

Spy Shop is the leader on the Romanian online market in the distribution of security equipment. Based in Timisoara and with 15 years of experience in the field, the company registers a turnover of 20 million euros and has over 40 brands in its portfolio, the products being sold through the online store The distributor has 4 warehouses with a total area of ​​5000 square meters and a permanent stock of 5 million euros, also having a distribution network of over 2000 installers. The company’s portfolio includes a varied range of products, from equipment for video surveillance or access control, to alarms, photo-voltaic systems and smart home products.

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