Verdon processes orders faster and without errors with ERP and BI software systems

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Increased efficiency through connected business areas

Verdon, one of the pioneers of online agricultural trade in Romania, manages its business in an integrated way thanks to the automation and connection of work processes. The distributor simplified its workflows and was able to develop business at the desired pace, with the help of the ERP and BI systems from Senior Software. The company now easily performs complex analyses regarding profitability, sales and more, has detailed reports and effectively manages financial and accounting, stock and orders operations since it started using the integrated SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI systems.

Verdon sells products for agriculture and landscaping through the online store, a platform that is integrated with the ERP system from Senior Software, which allows orders to be taken accurately and quickly. SeniorERP is also connected with Verdon’s WMS system. This aspect ensures real-time visibility over stocks and facilitates order transmission to the warehouse, as well as preparing them for a quick and error-free delivery.

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When you want to scale a business, you definitely need an ERP, else you have no chance to grow. Positive changes appeared immediately after implementation: well-established work flows, completing an order at an accelerated pace, simple management of partners, customers, orders, stocks, sales, but also of accounting, including e-Invoicing. […] Without SeniorERP we would not have been able to process such a large volume of orders. It helped us the most in organizing the company in one system, centralizing everything we needed in one place.

Claudiu Taranu, CTO - Verdon Solution.

Some of the advantages gained by Verdon with the ERP and BI systems

A single database with access to updated information regarding stocks, orders, customers etc.

Well established work flows, connected processes and data that is easily transmitted from one system to another

Receiving and preparing orders quickly and without errors

Bulk invoicing made simple, with a few clicks

Easy generation of stock replenishment requirements

Automatic import of courier shipping slips

Detailed and customized reports generated simply and in a very short time

Optimal management of financial and accounting operations

Maintaining data accuracy and making analyses and forecasts as accurate as possible

Informed business decisions and support with business development

Business development supported by integrated systems:

Another big advantage of the ERP is the fact that it can easily be integrated with other systems that we use. We have successfully integrated the ERP system with the PrestaShop platform, but also with the WMS program, developed in-house. BI is also of great help and comes with a plus, in the sense that it is much easier to graphically visualize a report. It is very important that, once you customize a type of report, it changes in real time, chronologically. I believe that our pace of development can be brilliantly supported by the integrated solution offered by Senior Software.”

Adrian Blaga, CEO - Verdon Solution

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