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Laguna Serv, furniture manufacturer, operates hundreds of orders daily and has access to real-time reports, with ERP and BI solutions

Watch the video and learn more about the benefits gained by Laguna Serv, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture, with the SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI systems!


Control and visibility over the business with powerful software systems

Laguna Serv, one of the largest upholstered furniture manufacturers in the country, gained real-time control and visibility over inventory and access to consolidated reports regarding the company’s status, with the ERP & BI systems from Senior Software. The company has a turnover of around 15 million euros and operates in a space of around 35,000 square meters. It produces upholstery and furniture which it distributes both at the national level, through its own network of 25 stores, as well as internationally, in countries such as Hungary and France.

Laguna Serv began using the integrated systems SeniorERP – ERP software for resource management and SeniorVisualBI – software for analysis and reporting, in 2022. This allowed the company to gain an extended array of benefits. The manufacturer stopped using the old way of manually introducing orders by integrating the SeniorERP solution with the company’s B2C ecommerce platform.

control si vizibilitate in timp real asupra stocurilor si acces la rapoarte consolidate cu erp si business intelligence

What benefits did the manufacturer gain?

Real-time control and visibility over raw materials and finished products stocks

Access to centralized information regarding the company’s financial status

Access to detailed analyses & reports on product evolution in the market

Elimination of repetitive and error-prone manual tasks

Individual monitoring of stores, to determine their profitability

Fast and accurate receiving and processing of hundreds of orders from the ecommerce platform

Streamlining of operations and elimination of errors

Real-time access to reports regarding the company’s evolution

Tracking market trends and monitoring product performance

Integrated solutions for increased connectivity and business development

Being in full growth and development, we searched for management solutions and programs through which we can optimize work times and have access to detailed reports and analyses in real-time. Thanks to the SeniorERP solution we have real-time control over raw material and finished product inventories, and through the SeniorVisualBI solution with have access to centralized information regarding the company’s financial status.

We also own an online store, and Senior Software managed to integrate the ERP system with the online commerce platform, therefore orders are now processed in real-time. Thanks to this integration, our work was made easier and we eliminated the old way of manually introducing online orders, these being in the number of hundreds per day

Alina Kertesz, Assistant Manager - Laguna Serv

Further, the manufacturer wishes to increase B2B sales through the online portal, purchased from Senior Software. Also, Laguna Serv will increase partner relationships, giving them the ability to track in real-time, directly from the B2B portal, order statuses, related documents and production evolution, from when orders are sent to the factory up until the moment they are loaded into the van and shipped to the end client.

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