VIDEO SensoPRO - from 1,500 to 3,000 orders processed daily with ERP and WMS

Find out from the video all the benefits obtained by SensoPRO Milano, an important distributor of cosmetic products, with the integrated systems from Senior Software!

One of the largest online retailers of cosmetic products in Romania, SensoPRO Milano, registered a remarkable growth and manages thousands of orders each day without errors, thanks to ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software. By using these integrated systems, the company managed to considerably optimize its supply, storage and sales operations, thus doubling the number of orders shipped daily in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

What benefits has SensoPRO Milano obtained?

Having integrated software at its disposal, the online retailer successfully manages a varied portfolio of over 16,000 products and sales through its 4 own online stores and 5 other marketplace platforms, to Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. Among the most important benefits registered by the company, there are:

Doubling the number of orders shipped daily

Lowering of picking times by 50%

Increasing employee productivity and performance

Real-time control and visibility of stocks

Efficient and timely supply planning

Automation of the invoicing process and minimizing the required time

Successful compliance with domestic and international fiscal requirements

Coordination of the kit assembly process according to the demand

Easy access to updated information, structured in a single database

Improved customer relations by fulfilling orders as requested and delivering them in no more than 48 hours

From pen and paper to automated and connected business processes

The need to implement technology arose two years ago, when our company’s development plans couldn’t be put into practice on a business model based on pen an paper. With having such a vast portfolio of products, human error was a certainity. Also, before implementing the ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software, our shipping capacity was of around 1 500 orders per day. Now, we managed to double this number, processing over 3 000 orders each day and up to 7 000 in high season or or during various promotions.

SeniorERP allows us to manage business in an integrated way, giving us instant access to critical data. The ERP system gives us a complete view over operations, orders, stocks dynamics and financial & accounting indicators, while at the same time automating a series of time-consuming processes. On the other side, with the help of WMS we have a clear understanding of stocks and their locations, we can accurately plan supplying, and employee performance was greatly improved, picking times being lowered by 50%..

Viorel Haiducescu, Sales Manager - SensoPRO Milano

About SensoPRO Milano

The company offers an extensive range of cosmetic products for manicure, epilation and make-up, both from its two own brands – SensoPRO Milano and LUXORISE, as well as from other internationally recognized brands. The products are sold in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, through the online stores of the retailer, respectively,,,, but also through marketplace platforms.

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