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Vitacom, a top distributor of electronic products and accessories in Romania, has redefined work processes and gained increased flexibility, with SeniorXRP

Watch the video and discover the advantages gained by Vitacom following the use of the SeniorXRP system, the ERP platform for the management of complex businesses!

Modern technologies

Flexibility & control in the Vitacom warehouse

Vitacom, one of the most important distributors of electronic products and accessories on the Romanian market, manages its activity with the help of the SeniorXRP solution, which successfully covers the company’s work processes using the latest technologies in the field of business management software systems.

The Vitacom team chose the ERP type development platform from Senior Software due to its flexibility and the way it adapted to the type of business carried out by the company from Cluj. Among the appreciated functionalities, we can count the easy access to data in the system, the ability to store a large amount of information in a single database, the intuitive web interface and the ability to quickly customize the system, in order to respond in real time to the distributor’s requirements.

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With SeniorXRP we have redefined our processes, simplified and made them more efficient, they are currently stable and very accessible. Regarding data accessibility, we quickly find what we need, we can sort the data according to our needs and even make customizations for each individual.

Vasile Andrei Vita, General Manager – Vitacom Electronics.

What benefits did the company gain?

Simplification and optimization of business processes

Increased flexibility in carrying out activities

Adaptation and customization of work flows, based on company’s needs

Increased control over all sales channels

Integrated management of sales channels (IKA, Marketplace, online store, B2B portal, traditional trade)

Storage of information in a single database

Real-time access to updated and accurate data, anytime and anywhere, by all company employees

The market changes very quickly, demands are increasing, and we have to adapt quickly. Therefore, it was necessary to implement a flexible solution, based on the latest generation technologies, which would allow us to make changes and support us in the development of the business.

This flexibility to make settings in SeniorXRP is the most important thing, because it allows us to model new processes, to easily make changes and improve our way of working. We no longer have to say that we need certain things and that developments should be made, but simply, settings are made in the application and this helps us a lot.

Vasile Andrei Vita, General Manager – Vitacom Electronics.

State-of-the-art software systems for integrated business management

SeniorXRP is perfectly integrated with WMS – warehouse management system and SeniorAWB – delivery optimization system, also provided by Senior Software. Thanks to the integration with WMS, customer orders are sent from SeniorXRP to the warehouse management system to be prepared for delivery, and any information about products, inventory, order status from the logistics space and more, can be easily accessed from ERP. As a result of the relationship with SeniorAWB, the distributor has the opportunity to choose the best option for courier services and to obtain control over delivery costs.

WMS is a system used in all logistic activities, with the help of which we have high control and precision in all aspects related to the movement of goods. I can say that we have total control.

Thanks to the integration with SeniorAWB, we can get the best courier in a certain area, depending on what we want to focus on: price, delivery time or a ratio between the two. Today I don’t think we could do without this application because it brings us very good results.

Vasile Andrei Vita, General Manager – Vitacom Electronics.

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