Efficiency of operations in Libris.ro’s warehouse has increased by 30% with the WMS system

Libris.ro registered around 30% increase in operations efficiency, thanks to thw WMS system. The online retailer, who owns the largest book warehouse in Romania, picked Senior Software’s suite and gained benefits such as: increased customer satisfaction, increased stock accuracy, shorter order processing times and a 35% increase in shipments.

Libris.ro has increased warehouse efficiency by around 30% since when they started using the WMS system from Senior Software. With a surface of over 5000 square meters and 45000 units in stock, the retailer has the largest book warehouse in Romania that is dedicated to an online book store.
Laura Teposu, Business Development Manager for Libris.ro, highlighted the results that they noted following the use of the warehouse management system:

„I can say that, overall, the implementation of the WMS made warehouse activities more efficient by around 30%. After implementing the WMS suite work times have been lowered for all operations like picking and stock transfers. Stock accuracy has been greatly improved. If before this inventory took around 2-3 days to make, now it can be partially done and we can inventory half of the warehouse in just a few hours.

One of our greatest joys was that customer satisfaction was increased, measured by the increase of the PMS (Profit Margin on Sale). If before around 10% of our orders were handled by our call center because stocks weren’t accurate, now this percentage has been greatly reduced, along with shipping times. This year, the number of Libris’ shipments has increased by 35%, and orders were fulfilled in the time promised on the website, with the same warehouse team.

Also, before the implementation, a warehouse worker was able to manage after 6 months, he needed fanstastic memory, orientation and organization skills. Now, in 2-3 days maximum, he is able to find his way around the warehouse.

So, among the most important results obtained by Libris.ro after using the WMS suite from Senior Software, there are:

  • A 30% increase in warehouse operations efficiency
  • A 35% increase in shipments
  • Inventory done in a few hours, instead of 2-3 days like it was before
  • The training of new employees in 2-3 days, instead of the previously required 6 months
  • End-to-end visibility in the warehouse
  • Significant reduction of human errors

„After a week we were fully operational”

The Libris.ro team chose Senior Software’s suite after conducting a market study, the WMS being the software that fulfilled all the technical requirements from the list of selection criteria.

„We visited our business partners and we saw how it worked in reality. Senior Software’s team was with us during the whole implementation period, from the analysis stage until the Golive. Knowing that the implementation happened at the same time as our transfer to the new warehouse, adapting took less than we expected it to. After a week we were fully operational.

- added Laura Teposu.

The WMS suite was integrated with two othrer software suites used in the company, an ERP system and a E-commerce platform respectively. At the same time, for added benefits, the retailer completed the WMS suite with Zebra hardware equipment from the trada platform: bar code scanner, thermal printer, printer cartridges and printer toner.
Founded in 1991, Libris has a turnover of over 8 million euro. In 10 years of activity, Libris.ro has become the largest online book store in Romania, and in 2018 it opened the largest book warehouse in the country.