Production planning in the digital era, discussed about by tens of producers at Sibiu


Around 50 representatives of production companies participated at the end of September in an event by Senior Software, at Sibiu. The activity, organized in partnership with Siemens Romania and Intermodal & Logistics, helped the guests understand how they can optimize production with top software suites. During the event, case studies were shown, where guests were able to see in detail what the benefits of automation and digitization are.

On the 24th of September, “The Optimal Planning of Production in the Digital Era”, an event about the importance of operational and financial planning in production, was organized by Senior Software. Automation techniques used in the production industry and the contribution of software solution in the digitization of factories were presented, by showcasing some real-life examples of Romanian companies.

The activity was addressed to manufacturers from Sibiu, as well as its surroundings, that are interested in the implications of technological innovations in their field and in increasing profitability, around 50 participants taking part. Cluj, Alba, Bihor, Arges, Brasov and also Bucharest were just a few of the areas represented at the producer’s meeting at the Hilton hotel in Sibiu.

The event’s partners were Siemens Romania and Intermodal & Logistics, and some of the subjects that were takcled are:

  • The showcasing of the social and economic context and the trends in production unit planning
  • The importance of operational and financial planning in production companies – a presentation of the APS and MES suites
  • The role of software systems dedicated to production planning and performance management
  • The benefits gained following the implementation of these suites – showcased with video case studies

Choosing the right software contributes significantly to the launch of a business towards the top, especially if we talk about integrated software suites, that respect the Industry 4.0 principles. During the event at Sibiu we talked about how exactly Senior Software’s suites for production work and what are the results that they offer.

Changes can be see shortly after implementation, starting with quicker, more flexible and overall more efficient processes, up to the manufacturing of high-quality wares at low costs. The participants found out, through Senior Software’s clients’ experiences, how they can lower planning times, the duration of the production cycle and material stocks, manufacturing errors, documentation volumes and so on.

Based on our clients’ experiences, the participants could see how important a planning software is for the planning programmer’s work, for the supplying and production areas and how you can lower production planning time from 7-8 hours to 15 minutes.

declared Daniel Toma, CEO of Senior Software.

The participants came from various production areas: bakery, dairy and cheese, electrical and electronic equipment, car components and accessories, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, chemical materials, footwear, plastics, etc. The guests especially liked the video case studies that were showcased and the business networking and Q&A sessions. In this relaxed medium, company representatives were able to learn details about the software suites’ different functionalities, along with examples of situations and limitations considered in production planning and more.

A few photos from the event:

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